Tucker Carlson debunks the Democrat hoax of a deadly insurrection

Hours ago, Tucker Carlson aired perhaps one of the most important shows in his broadcasting career.

The episode was based on 40,000 hours of security camera footage from Capitol Building from January 6, 2021, provided to Carlson by Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy deserves to be commended for this; his tenure as speaker is looking promising so far.

So what was the key takeaway?

We see Trump-supporters peaceably touring the building like "sightseers," as Carlson called them.  We see these people amble around, take photos and selfies, and even pick up pamphlets as you would do in a museum.  They were not armed.  A vast majority of them did not engage in any kind of property destruction.

Most importantly the police are seen guiding and escorting them around as if they were tourists visiting the location.

We see Capitol Police officers escorting and giving a guided tour to Jacob Chansley, a Navy veteran who has been consistently portrayed by the mainstream media as the "QAnon Shaman" and the ringleader of the armed insurrection.

We see around nine police officers in close proximity to Chansley and officers opening locked doors for Chansley.

There were no attempts to restrain him, rightly causing him to have the impression that he wasn't breaking any laws.  Most citizens look to law enforcement officers as reliable guides in matters of law.

At one point, Chansley even led a prayer of gratitude toward the Capitol Police.

Yet Chansley was eventually arrested and federally charged for "knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds" and was sentenced to nearly four years in prison

We also see footage of Officer Brian Sicknick, who the media claimed was bludgeoned by violent Trump-supporters with a fire extinguisher that caused his death.

The death of Sicknick was used by the Democrats and the media to push the "violent insurrection" claim. 

Democrats allowed Sicknick's coffin to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda, claiming that it was to honor his memory as a victim.  But in reality, Sicknick's corpse was disgracefully used as a platform to amplify their hoax.  It was eventually revealed that Sicknick had died of a medical condition and not an injury.

In the footage, we see Sicknick guiding Trump-supporters out of the building.  He was walking normally, and he wore a helmet, which contradicts the media narrative that he died of a head injury. 

Carlson noted that the footage of Sicknick had an electronic bookmark in the Capitol archives, which he said proves that the Jan. 6 House Select Committee had reviewed that section of the footage.

Yet they purposefully excluded the exculpatory footage during their widely publicized Stalinist hearings and the final report. 

The Democrats also claimed that Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) was leading a "reconnaissance mission" through the Capitol building on January 5, 2021, and even showed footage of it.  Carlson revealed that Loudermilk was actually giving his constituents a tour of a congressional building.

The media and the Democrats also pushed the hoax of Sen. Josh Hawley fleeing the building in fear of the mob.  The clip was shown by the House Select Committee and circulated by the media to make Hawley look like a cowardly weasel.  Carlson revealed that Hawley was among several lawmakers who were escorted out of the Capitol by police and that he was the last among the group.

Not all mysteries were solved.

Next, Carlson referred to Ray Epps, the man who was seen inciting Trump-supporters to go into the Capitol the night before the Jan. 6 protests.

Last year, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the FBI's national security branch head, Jill Sanborn, refused to answer a question from Senator Ted Cruz as to whether Epps was Fed.

Sanborn also refused to answer if any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in or incited riots or committed crimes.

This was very suspicious.

Had the FBI been innocent, Sanborn would have forcefully rejected Cruz's accusations.

Instead, she applied the standard ploy of concealment without perjuring herself.  Dodging such grave allegations reasonably can be regarded as an implicit admission of guilt.

Ray Epps sent a text to his nephew claiming he "orchestrated it."  When he was interviewed by the House Select Committee regarding the text, Epps claimed he was already heading back to his hotel when he sent it.  But footage that Tucker screened shows that Epps remained at the Capitol for at least a half an hour after dispatching the text.  As Carlson noted, lying to congressional investigators is a crime.

Yet unlike the others, Epps wasn't criminally charged or subjected to solitary confinement and other serious punishments.

Also unresolved were the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol Police officer called Michael Byrd, which continue to remain unclear because there were no security cameras near the speaker's lobby, where the murder occurred.

Babbitt wasn't armed or physically imposing enough to be perceived as a threat, yet she was murdered.

The media demonized Babbitt as a violent insurrectionist to provide justification for her murder.

Tucker has promised to reveal much more in subsequent days.

Clearly, the "insurrection" was another hoax peddled by the Democrats' D.C. Establishment to give them an excuse to criminalize, intimidate, and eventually destroy their political opposition.

So how will the media react to these revelations?

They will brand Carlson as a conspiracy theorist and will continue to feed their audiences with lies provided by their Democrat masters.

The "insurrection" was one of the many sequels to the Russian Collusion hoax, where the Democrats tried to delegitimize the democratically elected President Trump.  The hoax caused the appointment of a special counsel that hung like a sword over the Trump presidency for 674 days and cost taxpayers nearly $32 million.  It caused instability and retarded the speed of implementation of the MAGA agenda.

It probably contributed to the Democrats taking back the House in 2018, which led to myriad other hoaxes such as Trump's first baseless impeachment over a call with Ukrainian president Zelensky, where there was no proof of any violations, and the second for "incitement of insurrection."

This January 6 insurrection hoax probably contributed to the Republicans' underwhelming performance during the 2022 midterms.

The "insurrection" being compared to 9-11 and the Pearl Harbor attacks is not merely insensitive to the victims and a vile trivialization.  It gives conspiracy theorists reason to claim that the U.S. government orchestrated false flag operations.

None of the propagators of these hoaxes is likely to be punished; they will not even offer a perfunctory apology.  In fact, they are thriving.

The persecution of political opponents using hoaxes commonly occurs in third-world totalitarian countries; it is not how one of the world's largest democracies should function.

It has been six years since Donald Trump was sworn in as president, and since then, the nation has been subjected to myriad hoaxes.

Facts are no longer indisputable and shared by everyone. The Democrats have developed echo chambers where their followers are fed with relentless hoaxes, causing them to despise and fear their opponents.

A nation simply cannot survive for long with so many deep divisions.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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