Ray Epps is now targeting Tucker Carlson

During his exposé regarding the occurrences on January 6, 2021, Tucker Carlson covered the curious circumstances surrounding Ray Epps.

Epps was seen on camera inciting Trump-supporters to go into the Capitol the night before the Jan. 6 protests.

Carlson reported that Epps sent a text to his nephew claiming that he "orchestrated it."

This is most certainly a suspicious claim to make at that juncture, when temperatures were running high.

Carlson also revealed that when Epps was interviewed by the January 6 House Select Committee, he claimed that he was heading back to his hotel in D.C. when he sent the text.

Carlson then showed footage of Epps at the Capitol for at least half an hour after his text.

Carlson noted that lying to congressional investigators is a crime, yet Epps was given a pass.

Carlson asked basic journalistic questions about Epps's motives and activities on January 6, 2021 and made some factual assertions.

Carlson noted that, unlike many others, Epps wasn't charged or subjected to solitary confinement and other serious punishments.

The fact that the January 6 Committee chose to interview Ray Epps is also very curious.  The Committee interviewed only anti-Trump voices, and during their show trial, they allowed testimony only from anti-Trump voices.  Trump's lawyers weren't given the right to question witnesses.

Why would the committee interview Epps, who they claim is a Trump-supporter?

That is not the only singular aspect of Epp's case.

Last year, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Jill Sanborn of the FBI's national security branch simply refused to answer a question from Senator Ted Cruz, asking if Epps was an FBI agent.

If Epps wasn't an FBI agent, Sanborn would have vehemently, emphatically, and unequivocally made a statement to that effect.

She would also have excoriated Cruz for implying that the FBI was somehow involved in the "armed and dangerous insurrection" on January 6, 2021.

But instead, she dodged the question completely.

This is the standard maneuver applied by witnesses attempting to conceal facts while under oath.  If one blatantly lies, it amounts to perjury, which federal law classifies as a felony, which could bring a prison sentence of up to five years. 

Hence, Sanborn merely dodged the question.

This dodge in a response to such grave allegations could be seen as proof of guilt.

What is Ray Epps up to now?

NBC News reports that Epps's lawyer, Michael Teter, sent a cease-and-desist notice to Tucker Carlson and Fox News general counsel Bernard Gugar, demanding a retraction and apology from Carlson relating to Epps.

In the notice, Teter wrote that the Fox News host "persists with his assault on the truth" by pushing "fanciful notions" regarding Epps's involvement in the Capitol attack that are "demonstrably false."

Teter demanded that Carlson and Fox News publicly retract the claim that Epps was working for the federal government during the events of Jan. 6, 2021 and the claim that Epps "acted as an instigator or provocateur of the insurrection."

We expect that you will give the same airtime in retracting these falsehoods as you spent amplifying them. ...

Further, Mr. Carlson and Fox News must issue a formal on-air apology for the lies you have spread about Mr. Epps.

Teter claimed that Carlson's coverage caused  Epps and his wife to be the victims of  "threats, intimidation, and harassment, resulting in significant economic and emotional damages."

Teter also noted the scrutiny Fox News is being subjected to over Dominion Voting Systems' $1.6-billion defamation lawsuit against the network.

None of the mainstream media outlets has reported on the background of Michael Teter.

His LinkedIn Page reveals that he is an alumnus of Perkins Coie, LLC.

Perkins Coie is the law firm hired by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Perkins Coie, as part of its representation of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained the services of the intelligence firm Fusion GPS for opposition research services that began in April 2016 and concluded before the election in early November.

Fusion GPS hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.  Steele authored the dodgy Steele Dossier, which was replete with conspiracy theories and hearsay.

The Steele dossier was passed on to politicized government agencies, which used it as one of the reasons to spur the Mueller probe.

Last March, the Federal Election Commission fined Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign $8,000 and the Democratic National Committee $105,000 for "mislabeling" the expense for Perkins Coie as legal services. 

Teter is currently an executive director for Facts First USA, which was founded by disgraced Democrat operative David Brock.

Fact First USA claims that its mission is to

proactively engage and respond to the MAGA-Majority's abuse of the congressional oversight process by defending and counterpunching — sometimes surgically, sometimes broadly, but always methodically.

Who is Brock?

David Brock is the founder of the far-left organization Media Matters.

Brock was an integral part of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016.

Brock attacked Bernie Sanders during the primary, implying he was a racist.

Brock gave $200,000 to "feminist" lawyer Lisa Bloom in the final stretch of the 2016 presidential race, hoping she could publicize sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump.  Brock even claimed that "Trump is the last stand of the angry white man."

Michael Teter is also managing director of The 65 Project, another Democrat organization that claims to be a "bi-partisan effort to protect democracy and preserve the rule of law by deterring future attacks on our electoral system."  Whom do they name as the threat to Democrats?  President Trump.  Brock is part of this enterprise as well.

Clearly, Teter is vehemently against Trump, like most Democrats, and is a top player in the Democrat party.

Yet he is defending Epps, who they all insist is a Trump-supporter.

It seems obvious that Ray Epps is merely the shoulder these Democrat operatives are using to rest their rifle that is directed against Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

The Democrats think the Dominion lawsuit has merit and are now ganging up on Fox News.

They hope that if Fox News loses the Dominion case or the Epps case or is at least compelled to pay some of the heavy fines to the likes of Dominion and Epps, it may collapse, and a major contrarian voice will be silenced.

It is time for a counterpunch.

Perhaps lawyers who are part of the GOP ecosystem should begin filing cases against various Democrat mouthpieces such as the NYT, the WaPo, MSNBC, etc. for the lies they spread against conservatives.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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