Putting fertilizer on the seeds of division

Our country is openly and actively discriminating against straight whites, doing nothing but fertilizing the seeds of division the left has already sown. 

One of the most prestigious Catholic schools in the country, one that prides itself on being "Catholic, and a University" and "Notre Dame's Catholic character informs all it does," is hosting one of the most racist and discriminatory events I have seen in my lifetime.  It is called "Expanding Your Horizons at Notre Dame."

This event "is a conference for girls* in middle school (Grades 6-8).  This day-long event will include hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)."

Okay, so why does the word "girls" end with an asterisk?  Because "*Partnering with Techbridge Girls (TBG), we seek to serve Black, Indigenous, and all girls of color, which includes cis girls, trans youth, gender-nonconforming, and/or nonbinary youth who experience(d) girlhood and economic insecurity as part of their journey."

But no white, straight girls.  Sorry, you are not invited.  Conspicuous by its absence is any explanation why not.  We can only conclude, therefore, that such discrimination is consistent with the core beliefs of this Catholic university.  Or maybe not...the Holy Bible is rife with passages that abhor discrimination of any kind.  I don't even need to get started. 

The event is endorsed, sadly, by own granddaughter's middle school, whose superintendent (white, by the way) is privately funding a scholarship fund for "students of color."

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Thacker, The Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation superintendent and his wife, have created a scholarship for graduating seniors of color who will be pursuing a degree in teacher education and who attend high school in the P-H-M School Corporation. The scholarship is designed to assist a student attending college in the fall of 2023. The scholarship winner will receive $1,000 and be announced at the Senior Recognition Program.

If we are to make progress as a country toward harmony among all races, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations, etc., these ongoing attempts at furthering division must stop.  Much progress was made since the mid-1900s until Barack Obama revived racism and thrust it back into the leftist headlines.  Yes, there are people of all walks of life who may carry a prejudicial grudge for one reason or another; this cannot be "fixed" by CRT, SEL, reparations, discrimination, forced "workplace diversity," DIE, or any other cultural initiatives that do nothing more than with a broad brushstroke select another race, religion, or sex as the cause for today's misfortunes of everyone else. 

The age-old saying applies here: "The beatings will continue until moral improves."

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