Kamala Harris may suffer from aphasia

Kamala Harris's verbal utterances are bizarre, repetitive, and often not completed.  She starts a sentence and then loses the thread.  See Matt Vespa in Townhall, especially her "explanation" of Ukraine:

“So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that’s wrong.”

Aphasics may do this to hide the fact that they can literally not hold onto the meaning of their narrative, to carry it to completion.  So they make up an ending to the story and then perhaps flip into a semantically weird ending.  Harris often simply repeats her first sentence.

This is not planned for a rational purpose, and she often solves her semantic confusion by bursting out in stereotypical laughter, with gestures, to encourage her listeners to think she just did a funny.

YouTube screen grab.

I've long wondered if this is a strategic, rehearsed move, but that is no longer viable.

Vespa's article reports a key "backstage" comment from Harris staffers.

She doesn't prepare, refuses to read memos staffers write for her to ensure she doesn't trip up, and is, for lack of a better term, a little bitchy overall to her underlings, many of whom have fled for greener pastures.

What people don't understand is that Kamala Harris "doesn't prepare" or "read her staffers' memos" because she cannot  do those things, which require unimpaired speech input processing.

Wernicke's is a very weird disorder, because people can seem normal without understanding speech or written words.  Because much of our thinking is also inner speech, and because she can't "hold on" to inner speech, she probably has a severe cognitive deficit as well.  She does act in a socially plausible way, at least by woke standards, which are laughably low.

Receptive aphasia was discovered by Karl Wernicke in the 19th century in a patient with auditory cortex damage on both sides, and/or damage to the connective band between the "speaking" frontal cortex (left side) and the "listening and understanding" regions (both sides).  Wernicke's aphasia is very different from Broca's aphasia, which impairs speech output but not speech understanding.

Patients with Receptive (Wernicke's) Aphasia are in a paradoxical trap, because they cannot understand spoken or read language.  So the clever patients learn workarounds, like bursting into laughter to push others to "erase the end of the sentence."

Because Biden surely has access to careful medical diagnoses, and because he shows a sadistic and even destructive sense of humor, it is entirely possible that Kamala was chosen because of, or in spite of, her neurological deficit.  Matt Vespa talks about how dangerous this is, but this might be a Biden tactic to eliminate any potential competition.

It's important to realize that Biden has a life history of high aspirations that are always disappointed.  He is a very angry man, and disappointed narcissists are thought to suffer from "narcissistic wounds."  Obama's rejection by his mother and biological father could be such a wound, and Obama is also a very vengeful man.  Two vengeful narcissists can enable each other.

James Lewis notes: I'm not a licensed M.D., and this article does not constitute a diagnosis or medical advice.

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