Getting to the bottom of the UFOs and the government

As a former Illinois gubernatorial candidate and investigator, I am used to fighting impossible odds.  That is why I have persevered in my five-year investigation into a clandestine USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Program) called Project Aquarius, which may shed light on the possible "controllers" of the UAPs (the new sanitized and politically correct acronym for UFOs) that have traversed our skies and alarmed Americans. 

Through a five-year investigation, my team of researchers, investigators, scientists, and retired members of the Intelligence Community have uncovered a decades-old project of the retention and interrogation of the "controllers" of some of the UAPs.  This information may be uncomfortable and bizarre to most Americans.  I am reminded of what an intelligence insider once told me: "the Government has admitted to UAPs.  Now there is only one last step forward along the disclosure path: when they allude to the UAP 'pilots.'"

Since MLK Day of this year, I have requested whistleblower status due to my investigation.  Still, Congressman Mike Gallagher (R), the sponsor of the 2023 NDAA whistleblower amendment, has ignored my calls and emails.  I cannot comprehend why an amendment's creator is sidestepping those coming forward because of his same amendment.

I want to be clear to skeptics: credible sources, including former government officials and retired military intelligence personnel, have supported and guided my investigation into the costly and hidden program in an underground facility called S4, in the Nevada desert, even updating our investigation with information that Project Aquarius moved to Michaels AAF in Utah and Sandia Labs, which is also located on the base.  Despite this, Congress has refused to acknowledge my research or even grant me whistleblower status.  Why?

"The American people deserve to know the truth about issues that may affect their safety and security, and it is up to Congress to ensure that they are fully informed," said investigator Chris Jackson.  He also asked rhetorically, "Aren't transparency and accountability the foundation of our government and Congress?"

The refusal of Congress to acknowledge my investigation or grant me whistleblower status raises serious questions about their motives, the coordination of the program, and their commitment to transparency.  "They aren't even interested in our main thesis or evidence; they are plugging their ears like four-year-olds," lamented ET expert Rev. Michael Carter, one of my team members. 

I am frustrated with the Department of Defense and Congress for stonewalling my efforts to expose the truth about my investigation.  I do understand that the DOD may be trying to protect sensitive information, but I question why Congress, which is supposed to serve the American people, is using the same tactics.

Congress must understand that the public's interest in UFOs and potential government cover-ups is not just a matter of curiosity; it is about ensuring that those in power are held accountable to the people they serve.

I am not coming forward with these allegations for attention or personal gain.  Instead, I am trying to bring attention to the established knowledge of UAPs and prevent Congress from continuing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars investigating something that has been known of by U.S. government insiders for decades.  The American deficit is a monster that spirals endlessly out of control.  Do we feed it more by chasing UFOs, silencing witnesses, and controlling the narrative?  Hence, it becomes the 21st century's War on Drugs.  Can we afford another haphazard program that accomplishes nothing except sowing more distrust among the public?

The UFO community's fight for transparency and accountability is undeterred in our quest to bring this investigation to light.  And I have always cautioned members of Congress to be reminded that "you may win an election or two, and you may even think you successfully sidestepped this issue, but God help you when the people find out, because they always do."

I hope my words warn those willing to hide the truth from the American people.  In the end, it is the citizens of this nation who will demand transparency and accountability from their elected officials.  Those who choose to ignore this fact do so at their peril.

Image via Pixabay.

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