Another disaster on Kamala's watch

Kamala Harris's portfolio as Border Czar notably includes Honduras, part of the northern triangle of Central American countries sending us waves of illegal aliens:

FACT SHEET: Strategy to Address the Root Causes of Migration in Central America | The White House

Since March, Vice President Kamala Harris has been leading the Administration's diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  She has worked with bilateral, multilateral, and private sector partners, as well as civil society leaders, to help people from the region find hope at home.  This complements work done throughout the U.S. government over the last six months to learn lessons from prior efforts and to consult with a wide range of stakeholders to inform the development of this strategy.

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is releasing the Root Causes Strategy—a core component of our Administration's efforts to establish a fair, orderly, and humane immigration system.  This Strategy identifies, prioritizes, and coordinates actions to improve security, governance, human rights, and economic conditions in the region.  It integrates various U.S. government tools, including diplomacy, foreign assistance, public diplomacy, and sanctions.

With her power as vice president to integrate all the government tools listed in the fact sheet above, she visited Honduras in early 2022: "Kamala Harris returns to Central America to handle migration crisis." 

As part of the trip, the veep will lead the US delegation attending the inauguration of Honduran President-elect Xiomara Castro. The administration said the two women spoke on the phone last month and vowed to "deepen the partnership between the United States and Honduras and work together to advance economic growth, combat corruption, and address the root causes of migration.

But even after that visit, the Los Angeles Times wrote in June, 2022, "Kamala Harris' biggest assignment is in Latin America. But she hasn't gone there much - Los Angeles Times."  In addition to the following, the whole article is worth reading:

The lack of travel is a reminder of what some observers see as ambivalence from Harris toward a high-profile issue that is politically fraught at home and challenging abroad as she embarks Monday on a week of diplomacy at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. The issue of migration is certain to take center stage at the conference, a meeting of nations across the Western Hemisphere intended to showcase U.S. leadership in the region as the Biden administration seeks to tackle such complex challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. ...

Harris has since pivoted to Honduras, making a brief trip to attend the inauguration in January of President Xiomara Castro in hopes that she will offer a more stable partnership. But that country's problems also run deep. Former President Juan Orlando Hernández was extradited to the U.S. in April to face a slew of federal weapons and drug charges, a sign of how deeply embedded the drug trade is in the government.

Even if Castro proves to be on the same page with Harris in fighting that corruption, Harris' engagement appears to have limits. A day after the vice president spoke with Castro by phone last month to discuss cooperation on economic and migration issues, Castro tweeted that she would not attend the summit unless everyone was invited.

While our vice president, indeed the whole Biden administration, has achieved zero success in addressing the root causes of migration and securing our border, now we have this:

Honduras Establishes Diplomatic Ties With Beijing, Abandoning Taiwan

Central American nation's move leaves Taipei with just 13 diplomatic partners

By Joyu Wang and  Selina Cheng

TAIPEI — Honduras has established diplomatic relations with China and formally cut ties with Taiwan, following through on a pledge this month to shift its official recognition to Beijing.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry said Sunday that it recognized that there is only one China, with Beijing the sole legitimate government representing it. "Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory and as of this date, the Honduran Government has informed Taiwan about the severance of diplomatic relations, pledging not to have any official relationship or contact with Taiwan again," the statement read.

In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang announced that the country had established formal ties with Honduras. Mr. Qin met with his Honduran counterpart and signed a joint declaration on Sunday, according to Beijing state broadcaster China Central Television. 

Taiwan will close its embassy in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa as well as its consulate in San Pedro Sula, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said at a news conference in Taipei on Sunday. He said Taiwan had withdrawn its ambassador from the country and would bring back all technical staff who aided development there. Mr. Wu said Taiwan is requesting that Honduras do the same. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it is working to bring back Taiwanese military personnel based in Honduras and send back some 30 Honduran military students studying in Taiwan.

Mr. Wu said that Beijing had never stopped trying to induce Tegucigalpa to change its diplomatic recognition. As a result, he said, Honduras had asked Taipei for several billion dollars in economic aid and weighed competing aid packages from Beijing and Taipei.

Evidently, Honduras was not persuaded by anything Kamala had to say on the subject of China.  That is assuming she ever said anything at all.  I wouldn't count on her coming up with a word salad on the topic, either.  Most likely, the media will ignore yet another diplomatic disaster from the Biden-Harris regime, and the public won't even notice or know.

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