A two-tiered justice system and the perils of a Trump arrest

Last March, the Federal Election Commission fined Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign $8,000 and the Democratic National Committee $105,000.

Their crimes were the obscuring of their funding for the infamous "Steele dossier." The Clinton campaign attempted to disguise payments to Steele as "legal services" and "legal and compliance consulting" in campaign filings.

Lawyers working for the Democrats in 2016 hired research firm Fusion GPS to ‘investigate’ Trump. The firm then paid former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and his company, Orbis Business Intelligence, to conduct ‘opposition research.’

The Steele dossier was replete with spurious claims and conspiracy theories. It was passed on to politicized government agencies which used it as one of the reasons to spur the Mueller probe.

The probe lasted for almost two years, cost $32 million of taxpayer funds, and hung like a sword over the Trump presidency.

The vast disinformation campaign was the first step by the Democrats towards outlawing political opposition.

But nobody was punished for this.

The subsequent Durham probe has yielded nothing so far and is unlikely to in the future.

Hillary’s campaign paid Christopher Steele via her campaign for the dodgy dossier of falsehoods and then mischaracterized the expense as legal service payments.

Yet all that Hillary, her campaign, and the Democrats received was a symbolic slap on the wrist in the form of a fine.

Now about President Trump:

It is being reported that Trump could be indicted in the coming week. President Trump himself has said he could face arrest this week.

What is Trump’s crime?

Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen (whom Robert Mueller deemed a non-credible witness earlier) alleged that Trump directed him to make the hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Daniels claims she had an affair with the former president, which Trump has denied.

Cohen claimed the Trump Organization reimbursed him for the payment to Daniels and cited it as legal expenses.

Driving this witch hunt against Trump is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and even the Washington Post has raised questions about the merit of the case.

There is one report that his office is now "in chaos."

Legal egalitarianism is a fundamental tenet of any civilized democracy. The punishment must be based on the crime and not the individual committing it. But these immutable standards are gradually being abandoned by the Democrats.

Consequently, the U.S. is looking like a third-world totalitarian dictatorship where political opponents face the wrath of the law and government agencies on political grounds.

In the past, there have been Democrat and Republican presidents, but none have ever faced criminal charges despite committing violations during their presidencies. So why is Trump a target? For that, we have to look at the record of these previous presidents who have received favorable treatment.

Irrespective of their party affiliation, on major issues such as big government, open borders, amnesty to illegal aliens, crony capitalism, and gratuitous foreign wars, they all share a consensus.

They may have minor differences on silly social issues that are inconsequential.

Trump was the only modern president to not start a new foreign war nor escalate an existing war. Trump attempted to protect the border. Trump empowered people with his robust economy.

Trump talks about draining the swamp and ending the monopoly of the bloated and politized government agencies. It was reported that he has a plan in place to dismantle the deep state.

The Washington Democrat establishment simply cannot risk having Trump as president again; they have earned their monopoly after decades of efforts and shady tactics, and they will not let go easily.

There are other perils related to a potential arrest of Trump.

The Democrats failed to push their 'January 6 deadly insurrection’ or ‘Assault on democracy’ narrative despite their prolonged show trial and relentless media coverage.

Recently Tucker Carlson debunked some of the falsehoods used to propagate the ‘deadly insurrection’ narrative.

If Trump is indeed arrested and his supporters decide to engage in protest, there could be a serious risk. The Democrats always have their rioter wings on standby and we have seen that on multiple occasions. All they have to do is order their thugs to infiltrate these peaceful protests and engage in violence.  They could even stage a riot, following the Jussie Smollett style of a hoax by giving rioters MAGA hats and making them shout pro-Trump slogans as they wreak havoc. This could be used as an excuse for another round of crackdowns against political opponents, except that they could claim the peril is nationwide.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is already pushing this claim when President Trump has called upon his supporters to protest when he is arrested. 

They could push this domestic terrorist narrative and add white supremacy to it and use it to declare an emergency.

Since the pandemic, the Democrats realized how they can use emergencies as an excuse to trample over civil rights and liberties and expand their powers.

The Democrats know that their P.R. wing, which masquerades as the media, is always there to amplify their falsehoods, make justifications for all of their actions, and portray them in a favorable light, no matter what they do.

The Democrats know that government agencies that are meant to be watchdogs on behalf of the citizenry have become their lapdogs. These lapdogs obsequiously wag their tails when they see their Democrat masters in anticipation of a biscuit.

This is a national crisis like never before.

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