Tucker Carlson debunks the Democrat hoax of the deadly insurrection – part deux

Just yesterday, Tucker Carlson aired the first of a series of shows, based on 40,000 hours of security camera footage from the Capitol Building from Jan. 6, 2021, which was provided to him by House speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The episode debunked various Democrat hoaxes.  Here are a few of them:

Turns out Jacob Chansley (pejoratively branded by the left as the QAnon Shaman) wasn't violent or destructive.  The footage shows the Capitol Police accompanying him as he ambled through the building.

It also turns out that Sen. Josh Hawley wasn't fleeing from the building, petrified of a violent mob; he was the last among the lawmakers to be ushered out by Capitol Police.

Police officer Brian Sicknick was walking normally with a helmet on his head, disproving the phony claim that he was bludgeoned on the head by violent Trump-supporters.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) wasn't conducting a "reconnaissance mission" for the "insurrection," but was instead offering a tour to constituents.

Meanwhile, suspected FBI provocateur Ray Epps, contrary to his sworn testimony in the House, was at the Capitol scene for at least 30 minutes past the time he told the committee that he had left.

Among the unanswered questions was, why didn't then–House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) receive any blame for dereliction of duty, despite being responsible for the security at the Capitol?

To dig deeper, Carlson interviewed a former Capitol Police officer, Tarik Johnson, who was present that day. 

Johnson revealed that despite pleas for help, he received no directives from his superiors, such as from Capitol Police assistant chief Yogananda Pittman, as to how to handle the crowd control. 

The federal intel and law enforcement agencies also received warnings of a massive disturbance at the Capitol on January 6, yet they did not keep on-duty officers informed.

Since Johnson, whose role was to evacuate lawmakers safely, didn't receive instructions from his superiors, he did the best he could.

Johnson said that a Trump-supporter placed the MAGA hat on his head as he waded through the crowd.  Despite being a Biden voter, Johnson said he kept wearing it to avoid any confrontation with the crowds.

The Democrat narrative was that members of Congress in D.C. were in danger on that day.  Since they have an inflated opinion of themselves and think of themselves as the equivalent of the state, their being in danger was seamlessly translated into U.S. democracy itself as being in danger.

In a democracy, whenever there is peril, you look to law enforcement for protection.  If the "insurrection" narrative is to be believed, then those allowing the insurrection to occur should have been punished, especially the top law enforcement officials and their superiors, one of whom happens to have been House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But nothing of the kind occurred.

Johnson, who at least attempted to quell the situation, was indefinitely suspended.  He eventually resigned and lost his pension.  

Johnson's superior, Pittman, who withheld vital information from her subordinates, causing matters to escalate, was elevated by Pelosi to acting chief of Capitol Police.  Pittman is currently the head of security at the University of California, Berkeley, near Pelosi's constituency.

That was not all.  The January 6 Committee never called on Johnson to testify.

Johnson opined that the Committee was mostly "focused on Donald Trump and not the failures of the Capitol Police."

As expected, the D.C. Democrat establishment and their P.R. agencies that masquerade as the media went ballistic because their falsehoods were debunked with proof.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer demanded that Rupert Murdoch and Fox News prevent Carlson from airing further episodes on the January 6 footage.

The usual suspects in the GOP, such as Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Senators Thom Tillis from North Carolina and Mitt Romney from Utah, sided with Schumer.

The mainstream media accused Carlson of doing what they do on a daily basis: spreading malicious and baseless propaganda.

The Federalist's Jordan Boyd alleges that searching for Carlson's J6 videos on YouTube leads users to "fact-checkers" who push the Democrat narrative.

Only Twitter, thanks to Mr. Musk, placed no restrictions on the material.

Citizens are probably so accustomed to the blatant double-standard in D.C. and in the media that it ceases to shock them.  They take it in their strides and move on.

But one must judge these demands for press censorship and reprisals against dissent not by current standards, but by the high standards of a functioning civil democracy.

We revisit the basics.

In a democracy, the citizen is supreme.

Since all citizens cannot govern simultaneously, they elect a representative to govern on their behalf, to whom they lend their power.  These representatives do not own that power; they merely have access to power on a temporary basis.

It is the citizens who own that power.  It is the citizens who are joint owners of all public property.  It is the citizens to whom the representatives report.  This is why they are known as public servants.

Transparency and the periodic release of factual information are essential for a democracy.

Since all citizens cannot hold their representatives accountable all the time, the press is assigned the task of asking tough questions and demanding transparency.  By default, the press should have an adversarial relationship with the establishment.

Government agencies also have an important function to protect democracy and ensure that the elected representative doesn't usurp their authority and doesn't co-opt agencies to follow their agenda.

Alas, the watchdogs have become lapdogs who wag their tails when a biscuit is tossed in their direction.  These lapdogs crawl when asked to bend and prostrate servilely when asked to crawl.

Social media, which should have been facilitators of freedom, have become enablers of the regime, engaging in censorship.

What about the two-party system?

The public elected Bill Clinton because they were tired of George Bush, Sr.; then they elected another Bush because they were tired of Clinton.  They elected Obama because they were tired of the second Bush.

The people thought they were switching between Republicans and Democrats.  But policy-wise, there wasn't much change.

They are all for expensive, optional foreign wars.  They are all for open borders.  They are all for big government.  They all despise dissent and have disdain for citizens.

This was a convenient arrangement in D.C. until Donald Trump joined politics and exposed the rot in their system. 

During his inaugural address in January 2017, President  Trump talked about giving power back to the people.  He reminded D.C. that it had forgotten its fundamental duties. 

George W. Bush was in the audience at that time and allegedly remarked, "That was some weird s---."  This is all you need to know about the system.

Tucker is part of the new ecosystem created by Trump.

This has driven the old guard to such insanity that they no longer care to conceal who they are.

If facts were on their side, Schumer and the rest would have delivered presentations on the floor to meticulously debunk Carlson's claims.

But that is not the case, so they are demanding that an adversarial voice be shut down.

The word "outrageous" isn't enough to describe this situation.

The public is being shielded from facts by the powerful while the agencies and media are siding with the powerful instead of challenging them.

If this isn't a national emergency, what is?

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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