The unbearable lightness of Joe Biden

The shark grins.  The sarcastic "Come on, man" at any dared query regarding the most recent, massively horrible, Biden-originated turn of human events.  The Vegas, Tinseltown Mafiaesque little woman.  The reflexive, haughty denial of any errors.  Father of a daughter of the vacant, abused stare and a son of the pathetic "Look at me, I'm a mess" unpunished crimes and demeanors.  The flat-out ignorance of, e.g., political history, political philosophy, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and his own employees' names.  The repeated lies about who he is, what he's done, where he's been, and whom he's done it to.  The fraudulent Catholicism.  The self-enriching money trails all over the planet.  The military and geopolitical cowardice.  The tiresome '60s once dead-and-buried white adolescent radicalism.  The suck-up-to-ObamaWorld ice cream cones and wobbly bike rides.  Good golly, such a lightweight, he could have floated away to greet that CCP balloon — maybe that was the plan.

Of course, there's more, but how can we stand it for much longer?  The more pressing question: is our government going to do anything about the monster they have accepted, encouraged, promoted, and even defended, from the halls of Congress, as a "good man"?  Joe Biden has been awarded the keys to our current Hell, and Washington, D.C. has presented the honor.  Let's see if Washington does anything corrective about this person now, other than talk about it some more.

Image: Biden for President.

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