Boycott despicable Disney

The Walt Disney company is now run by a bunch of despicable America-hating racists of the left.  Their leaders just put out an outrageous mendacious and vile video in order to continue indoctrinating our children into their foul, regressive, illiberal ideology.  It's another example of the truth that whatever the left touches, it destroys. 

We've now gone from warm Sunday evenings sitting together as families to watch the Wonderful World of Disney with Peter and Tinkerbell to this pile of America-bashing excrement put out regularly by the radical American Marxists who run the Disney company.

"Slaves Built This Country" features some dark-skinned American children spewing the lies that "America was built on slavery; we remain a white supremacist racist country and that reparations are due."  The video attacks all Americans with white skin and even denigrates Abraham Lincoln as a fake emancipator.  The KKK could not have done a better job at marketing such a racist attack on our people and history. 

Any decent American who loves truth and this country should have nothing to do with this foul corporation.  The American left is trying to destroy this precious good country from within.  They are succeeding through all our institutions — our schools, media, corporations, the Democrat party, sports, and entertainment.  These Disney enemies of decency won't even call our kids "boys and girls" anymore.  They now push the cultish nihilism of 72 genders in their parks.  Poor Walt.  Poor us.  Poor kids.  

Every decent American should fight by withdrawing any support for anything Disney.  In so doing, we take a stand against racism, ignorance, lies, illiberalism, and vicious attacks on the great moral goodness of American civilization.

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