The real coup d'état

Voter suppression, "MAGA," Russian disinformation, and the specter of fascism are all supposed right-wing threats to democracy. 

The 1/6 Capitol riots were a violent uprising against an established government, an "insurrection"! 

No.  In reality, the "insurrectionists" were there to defend our democracy — to protect it against what they saw as a rigged election.  Their goal was to protect our system of government, not change it.

That does not appear to be the goal of the left.  The founding principles of our system of government as made clear in the Constitution include separation of powers, limited government, checks and balances, federalism, and popular sovereignty.  It was designed to establish a pragmatic framework to settle differences and to prevent any faction from becoming dominant and exerting its will.

Any system, no matter how well devised, upon encountering the realities of terrestrial existence, will fail to function as conceived.  Failings of the system can be approached in two ways: troubleshoot and strengthen the system to repair its flaws, or change the system.

Not long ago, the left sought to uphold the system and ameliorate its flaws.  It assisted in countering worker abuse, upheld women's rights, and brought focus on environmental pollution.  Democrat administrations developed Social Security and Medicare programs.  The Democrat party was the voice of the middle class, the minorities, the marginalized, helping them realize the promise of the system.

That is no longer the position of the left.  Driven by its innate tendency to dissidence and immediate gratification, it has grown increasingly intolerant of and impatient with the system.  The system must now change.  It is following a two-tiered approach to realizing its current goal, which is system control.

Step #1: Recruitment.  Amass a permanent electoral majority.  Employing identity politics and the immutable traits of race and sex are its basic tools.  Divide the populace into oppressors and oppressed.  The oppressors are essentially adult, hetero, white males.  Everyone else — females, the youth, other races, gender variants — is oppressed, victimized by patriarchal white supremacy.  Debase America as racist and imperialistic.  Delete its history.  Degrade religion as intolerant and science denying.  Provide amnesty and benefits for "asylum seeking" illegals.  Saturate the electorate with your message via media, academia, and corporate H.R. sycophants.  Identify contrary thought as disinformation and cancel it.  In short, create a culture of victimization, chaos, and disconnect, which must turn to the government's Democrat party for guidance and safety.

Step #2: Consolidation.  Create a government structure in which leftist ideology dominates.  A basic concept of leftist thought is that one's fate is determined by environmental forces beyond one's control.  (One could speculate that such an orientation reflects feelings of subjugation and a lack of self-determination, which finds strength in group affiliation.)  The obvious recourse is to construct and participate in a system that controls the environment.  Leftists gravitate to positions that provide such control — academia, media, government.  Maintain a left-oriented bureaucracy, one that takes advantage of "the stupidity of the American voter," as proudly proclaimed by MIT economist and Obamacare framer Jonathan Gruber.  Politicize the FBI, the DOJ, and the entire security and intelligence arms of the federal government.  Militarize the IRS.  Erode states' rights — federalize and liberalize voting requirements.  Lower the voting age.  Stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices.  Eliminate the Electoral College, which strengthens rural (conservative) America.  Statehood for (liberal) D.C. and Puerto Rico.  In essence, establish a permanent federal left-wing government.

In direct opposition to the Constitution, the left seeks expanded federal government, the erosion of states' rights, consolidation of power, and manipulation of the electorate. 

Perhaps there should be established a United States House Select Committee to investigate this bloodless coup d'état.  Or are the majority of our elected federal officials quite happy with it?

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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