State Department to U.S. citizens: Stay out of Mexico

How's this for buried news among the side effects and unintended consequences of Joe Biden's open borders? 

The State Department has issued a bone-chilling warning to U.S. citizens to stay the hell out of Mexico.

It was a "top-tier" admonishment to not set foot in six Mexican states that tourists love to go to, and to be very careful in all of the remaining ones.

According to local San Diego indy news station KUSI:

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The State Department issued the strongest possible ‘do no travel’ warning to six states in Mexico due to threats of crime and kidnapping in the country.
All other regions in Mexico are on watch by the U.S. government. As Spring Break approaches, the State Dept. warned that even in resort towns, cartels have established close ties with local businesses.
Immigration Attorney Esther Valdes Clayton went live with KUSI’s Lauren Phinney to discuss the crisis South of U.S. borders.

 The story features an embedded video with Valdes Clayton, speaking in bone-chilling terms about what is happening to Americans as they head on out to tourist hotspots in Mexico for vacation, noting that Spring Break, which is a rite of passage for college students, is around the corner.

Valdes Clayton described the horrific story of what happened to a 33-year-old Orange County public defender celebrating his first wedding anniversary in Rosarito Beach, a lovely resort town on the Pacific best known for its fish tacos that's just a short driving distance south of the O.C., San Diego and Tijuana. The media reported the story of Elliot Blair here.

What she described, with firsthand information, was not what was reported in the press -- that he died in "an unfortunate accident" as Mexican officials claimed, falling off his hotel balcony or getting drunk and getting knocked out. That was what got reported in the news, at ago, along with a few disclaimers that Blair's family was suspicious that he was killed, but few details were laid out and little else came of the story until a few days ago

Valdes Clayton said that the family investigated what it could and found that Blair's body numerous significant broken bones as if he had been beaten to death, along with rug burns as if he or his body had been dragged through the hotel before being dumped under his balcony window. Blair and his wife had resisted an extortion attempt earlier, which is a significant detail.

It's an outrageous attack on Americans and there are a lot of these incidents for the State Department to raise Cain with the Mexicans about, because apparently the Mexicans are in denial, or well, quite likely cartel'ed up and doing nothing. That explains why warnings like this go out and why they are quite likely perfectly plausible. They can't do a thing about these killings and kidnappings and they know the Mexican officials won't, either.

Which rather raises more questions about Joe Biden's open borders policies and why there's such a sudden upsurge in attacks and assaults on Americans.

Border surges, such as Joe Biden's, are a cash bonanza to Mexico's cartel members. They have made billions off these border surges as migrants pay the "crossing free" if not the human smuggling fee, which can run in the thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per head. With 2,500 crossing each day into just the El Paso corridor (the San Diego one is said to be even busier) a lot of money is rolling in, and this explains why cartels have grown in size with recruiting, and why they are shutting down border cities in places such as Tijuana, as well as fighting with each other for control of the spoils. It's created a boomtime atmosphere in these areas controlled by the cartels, and activated the remaining criminal element to try to scarf up more for themselves, too. This is not to say that the cartels are not responsible or the killings and kidnappings, too -- most likely, they are. Big money is at stake, and crime is now paying. Valdes Clayton makes this point about money, too.

The cartels also know that Joe Biden won't protect Americans through their own border, so they're pretty certain that he's not going to do much to worry them if they shake down visiting Americans for every penny they have, if not kidnap them for ransom, or simply beat them to death as seems to have happened to Blair.

A border warning, such as the State Department has issued, is a last-resort measure, given the major trade and tourist ties the U.S. has with Mexico, a throwing up of the hands with a warning to Americans that Biden's influence is nil in Mexico and there is nothing they can do to help if they become targets of cartels.

That's a high price for Americans to pay for open-borders based on a president who won't do his sworn job. Here's the scary part: It's not going to get better, and no one should be surprised if it starts spilling over here in more visible cases against Americans completely unconnected to cartels and their activity. It's a chilling prospect, and this lawyer's warning is a bellwether of what's ahead.

Image: Screen shot from ABC Good Morning America video, via YouTube

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