Prominent Democrat identifies the ‘mark of the beast’

The left’s TDS — Trump Derangement Syndrome —  is completely pathological, and so far, untreated.

It makes me think of the stereotypical appointment in the psychiatrist’s office: a stressed-out (Democrat) patient lying on the couch and suffering from a delusion. Then, the therapist asks,“Is Donald Trump in the room with us right now?” See what Jon Cooper retweeted below:

I’m a born-again Christian and a Trump supporter myself, and although I make a concerted effort to avoid “newspaper eschatology” — basing my End Times theology on current events or the propaganda of a fake news industry — sometimes I can’t help but wonder how the future will unfold. But President Trump and the MAGA hat? I never would have expected that!

Now, there is some slight confusion, but I think I can chalk it up to Jon Cooper either being a poor Sunday school student or skipping class altogether. I’m no biblical scholar, but I don’t know where the Bible “predicted” that “Christians” would follow a false prophet. The text certainly warns the Christian against false prophets and instructs Jesus’s followers how to spot these figures, and of course some people who believe themselves to be Christians give in to false teachings; but the Bible doesn’t make a case that “Christians would follow a false prophet”. This sounds more like a hasty generalization fallacy to me.

Yet, if someone forced me to make an educated guess on what the “mark of the beast” would be, I’d rightly conclude that the symbol would indicate ownership to that which is antithetical to the God of the Bible.

If He is just, righteous, sacrificial, long-suffering, humble, and selfless, then it stands to reason that those marked by the beast would be unjust, unrighteous, impulsive, prideful, and selfish. If that doesn’t describe the political left I don’t know what does.

J6 prisoners? A two-tiered “justice” system which turns a blind eye to the alleged crimes contained within the Laptop from Hell? Unjust.

Drag shows for toddlers? Pornography in schools? Sexual mutilation — literally destroying what God created — touted as “gender” care? Unrighteous.

Intolerance and vile-mouthed rants towards conservatives? Demeaning names (Uncle Tom) for Black Americans who don’t toe the line for the Democrat party? Impulsive.

“Pride” parades flaunting deviant lifestyles? Pride.

“You do you” and promoting the slaughter of children in the womb so they don’t interfere with a completely self-absorbed existence? The very definition of selfish.

I do find it funny though: the left loves to skewer the Holy Bible as well as its true Author — how many times have I heard the Lord degraded as “Sky Daddy” — but then uses its language and teachings as a point of authority or legitimacy. Just a day in the life of a Democrat; what can you do?

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