Now we are to be afraid of the no-vaccine Marburg virus

After the Centers for Disease Control’s failed attempt to terrify the public on the horrors of Monkeypox or M-pox or whatever the mother ship WHO is calling it this week, the powers that be accepted the loss and adjusted fire, this time with the Marburg virus. If this is anything like the last manufactured pandemic, where Americans were conditioned to line up like sheep for an unnecessary, unproven, and experimental—and mandatory—Emergency Use Authorization mRNA vaccine, you can expect a lot of misinformation.

Right on cue, Stephanie Hogan leads all fear porn reporters in Canada with the warning: “There is no vaccine or drug treatment for the virus, which has killed at least 9 people in Equatorial Guinea.” Hogan states, “Without treatment, Marburg can be fatal in up to 88 per cent [sic] of people.  A 2004-05 outbreak in Angola killed 90 per cent of the 252 confirmed cases.” While the current Marburg outbreak appears to be regional, Hogan is quick to point out that “infection on one part of the Earth can quickly land on another part in a very short time frame.”

The implication is clear: when Marburg comes to America and the president issues another health emergency, you need to be very afraid of the latest midterm virus. Get jabbed early with whatever Dr. Science’s replacement has to offer.

Every day we are learning just how corrupt the agents of the FDA and the CDC and their spokespeople have been on COVID-19. Which was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, didn’t you know?

Before the government breaks out another failed vaccine passport program, it might be a good time to review what the official published research conducted for the military indicated before today’s liars at the CDC and the FDA and their friends in the media get crazy again and mandate unwarranted experimental mRNA gene therapy, mandatory masks for infants ineffective masks, and another round of lockdowns for the Marburg virus.

From the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-11.9, titled: POTENTIAL MILITARY CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL AGENTS AND COMPOUNDS, and published in 2005, you can find a list of “potential” bioweapons agents (about halfway through the document on page IV-4). Right there on the page, above that “racist” Monkeypox, reads “Marburg virus”.

On page 150 (or IV-16), directly from the FM, the specifics for “Marburg Viral Disease” are listed.

There’s no cure for Marburg; the CDC doesn’t really know from where it came—sometimes it’s African fruit bats, sometimes it’s green monkeys—but “development of a vaccine was paused years ago.”

Nothing sounds like “opportunity” like developing an EUA “vaccine” for Marburg virus if it comes to America. It will probably be made from Malabo wet market sewer water, much like the “75-year secret sauce” recipe for the COVID-19 “gene therapy” which could be simply Wuhan wet market sewer water; a judge has since ordered the FDA release the docs, but of course the bureaucracy is taking its sweet time. It used to be that the conventional method to develop a vaccine took years and was expensive to produce, even when there was a small number of confirmed cases.

It’s always been a fascinating dichotomy, that the world’s craziest and deadliest viruses, like Ebola, Dengue fever, Lassa, Marburg, and Monkeypox are found in very meager numbers—if these viruses are so infectious, why hasn’t the whole continent been infected or died off?  It’s a bit curious that the mosquito and parasite belt of the tropics—the same place where COVID-19 infections are a flat line of about 8%, and they use of cheap, over-the-counter anti-malarials and anti-parasitics, like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin (IVM)—don’t have higher infection rates.

This is a statistic the U.S. government ignores for fun and profit as billions pour into Big Pharma coffers. Prohibiting the use of HCQ and IVM in the U.S. proved to be very lucrative. Finding the source of the vector is important, but maybe the reason very small numbers of Africans come down with the endemic viruses or COVID-19 may be due to a lifelong use of HCQ and IVM while about 10% of the population avoids those drugs for whatever reason.

A health emergency centered on Marbury virus disease with the empty promise of “a safe and effective” EUA mRNA vaccine, like the COVID-19 “vaccine,” is the perfect Big Pharma biological weapon against Americans.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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