Mark Steyn reveals he had 2 heart attacks and has recovered

Mark Steyn has been lamentably missing from his regular appearances and occasional guest-hosting of Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, having signed on for a weekday program at the U.K.'s GBNews.  Thus, many of his American fans, including me, had no idea that he was on "medical leave" recently.

It turns out, Mark has just revealed, that he has suffered two heart attacks.

Looking perhaps a bit thinner than before, he returned to the air with a characteristically whimsical announcement that he is "still alive."  The two-minute video is essential viewing for all Steyn fans, managing a few comedy bits, such as holding up a "proof of life" copy of a newspaper, such as kidnapping victims do, that turns out to be from 1990, about Lady Thatcher.

At his Steynonline website, a post titled "Back from the Dead" begins:

Reports of Mark Twain's Steyn's death are greatly exaggerated. For his first on-camera appearance in two months, please click above. [the same video as embedded here]

~Aside from anything else, Mark is fully committed to staying alive at least long enough to be buried at sea during this year's Mark Steyn Cruise. He may eschew his traditional leap over the orchestra pit for the Steyn Show finale, but rest assured, his terrific line-up of guests — including Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Mister Snerdley and Michele Bachmann — stand ready to pick up the choreographic slack. This is our first post-Covid cruise and you won't want to miss it: more information here — and no tests or vax passports required.

I am sure I am far from alone in wishing Mark the best of health and a rapid recovery to his full energy.  Obviously, his wit has not been impaired.

Photo: YouTube screen grab.

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