Leftist prison policies around ‘transgenderism’ put women at serious risk

It’s amazing how many violent male criminals, especially those in prison for rape, discover that they are, in fact, “transgender women.” Suitably woke jurisdictions then hasten to transfer these same “women” to women’s prisons. That’s invariably followed by reports of women finding themselves terrorized in those same prisons.

2023 has offered two stunning headlines about the issue of violent men finding ways to get into women’s prisons. The first headline is that Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s very powerful, very woke National Party leader and first minister, was forced to resign after eight years in large part because of her stance on putting violent male criminals in women’s prisons (she’s for it).

The second headline comes from Canada, where it’s emerged that Adam Laboucan, an auto-cannibal (eats his own flesh) who violently raped a three-month-old infant and confessed to killing a toddler, was moved to a women’s prison after declaring himself to be a “transgender woman.” Now, women in that same prison say that Laboucan is terrifying them and, worse, terrifying their children, who are allowed to lodge with their mothers through age seven.

Rather than being a cute, glittery “transgender woman,” Laboucan is a violent sexual psychopath who cannot be allowed near women or children. This is true even though Canadians paid for him to have his penis cut off, a fake vagina carved into his flesh, and fake breasts implanted.

Image: Laboucan in his prison dating profile (and no, I have no idea why prisoners get dating profiles in Canada). Public domain.

Laboucan, though, is not unique. A recent Canadian study found that lots of fake women in Canadian women’s prisons are violent sex fiends:

A recent study conducted by the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), an “Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders,” which surveyed 99 “gender diverse” inmates between 2017 and 2020, found that of the 61 male inmates in the study who identified as transgender or something other than male, 46% had committed sexual offenses and 92% were incarcerated for violent crimes.

The report found that 91.7% of male inmates who identified as transgender women surveyed were incarcerated for a violent offense, including 41.6% for homicide. By contrast, according to the Correctional Service of Canada’s 2021 annual report, 25.8% of male inmates (who identify as male) were serving sentences for a violent offense, which includes homicide/manslaughter, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other violent offenses.


With this new information, it can be deduced that 85% of the inmates who identified as transgender women or “other” with a history of sexual offenses were in fact male. About 94% of the crimes were committed prior to adopting a transgender identity, with 64% having committed a “current sex offense” while they were incarcerated, and 88% convicted of prior sex offenses before they were incarcerated.

The majority (85%) had committed a sex offense that caused death or serious harm to their victims, with over half of the victims being children (58%) or female (55%). Nearly 70% had inflicted psychological harm on their victims and a third of offenders had multiple victims.

This should be obvious. Putting aside the social contagion that strongly affects girls in schools, it’s apparent that men who claim to be women are mentally ill. It’s also apparent that they are the worst of all possible worlds: Male aggression paired with female emotionalism.

More than that, anyone whose primary self-definition revolves around his or her fantasy gender identity is someone way too obsessed with sex. Marry that with sociopathy, as opposed to other forms of mental illness, and you’ve got a violent criminal in the making.

I don’t have any problem with women convicted of serious crimes spending time in prison. I do have a problem, though, with those same women running the high risk of a sexual or other violent assault because leftists insist that biological men who have committed violent, often sex-related crimes, can magically become women who deserve to be housed in women’s prisons. The wokesters behind these prison placements should be deemed accessories to any crime these fake women commit and be tried themselves in a criminal court.

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