Head of Scotland's government unexpectedly resigns after trans prisoner issues explode

A veteran politician who unreservedly served the trans agenda shocked the political world there with a sudden and completely unanticipated resignation from office as the head of government.  The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

Nicola Sturgeon took the country — and her own party — by surprise today as she quit as Scotland's first minister and Scottish National Party leader.

Ms Sturgeon, 52, announced her intention to resign at a press conference this morning, in a move that appears to have blindsided all but her closest aides.

SNP sources suggested that no one apart from Ms Sturgeon's husband and party chief executive Peter Murrell knew about it.

Nationalist MPs voiced their shock as the SNP leader stood down after eight years in post. Alison Thewliss, SNP MP for Glasgow Central and the party's home affairs spokesman, said she was 'gutted', adding: 'Nicola has been an incredible leader.' 

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

Sturgeon has gotten on the wrong side of the public on two issues, one of recent vintage and the other the classic issue of Scottish politics: independence from the U.K., which always is a factor.  In contrast, the transgender prisoner issue recently exploded in her face.

[S]he has become embroiled in increasingly vitriolic rows regarding transgender prisoners and her plans to try to force through independence. (snip)

The First Minister is continuing to defend the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill passed by MSPs in December, despite growing disquiet in her own ranks.

The shake-up would reduce the age limit for formally changing gender to 16, and remove the need for a medical diagnosis.

Ms Sturgeon struggled at a press conference last week when she was repeatedly challenged on whether she regards trans rapist Isla Bryson as a woman. 

Bryson was initially sent to a women's prison before being transferred to a male jail following outcry. 

Currently, the Scottish public does not support independence, even though it has repeatedly elected the Scottish National Party to run the government.


Hat tip: Arnold Cusmariu.

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