Guess what’s missing from Adam Schiff’s latest mailer to constituents?

You probably have read that Adam Schiff is running for the US Senate in 2024, even though the incumbent Democrat, Dianne Feinstein has not indicated she will not seek re-election. But it is a very open secret in DC that Feinstein, who is 89 years old, is not up to the rigors of office, not even close. Age has taken a heavy toll on her mental acuity, far worse than Joe Biden.  

You probably also know that members of Congress have a license to send out free “reports” to constituents, needing only the reproduced signature of the member to serve as postage, called the “Congressional frank.” They all take advantage of the frank, and all want their mailer to help persuade residents of their district to give them their vote next time.

A resident of Adam Schiff’s district sent me the mailer she just got, and it is very interesting, considering Schiff’s track record, for what is NOT in it. It folds into 3 panels per side of a single page glossy sheet of paper. You might expect no mention of his impending Senate campaign, but what I didn’t expect was zero reference to his ideological crusade against  Trump and Republicans. No mention of the House Intelligence Committee, from which he just got booted by Speaker McCarthy and the GOP majority. Nope, it is all about mundane constituent service, pretty much identical to what every other member of Congress does. See for yourself:

He might as well be Republican based on what you see here.

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