Greenies take a cue from Sinaloa's 'Stew Maker'

What Sinaloa's most macabre pioneered, the greenie crowd now appropriates and promotes.

The Los Angeles Times identified this "savagery," while The New York Times opened a 2010 report with this passage:

When it comes to gore, Mexico's drug traffickers seem to compete among themselves for the title of most depraved. One will chop off the heads of victims. Another will string dead rivals from bridges or burn their genitals. Recently, hit men removed the face from a dead man and sewed it onto a soccer ball.

On Tuesday, Mexican authorities announced the capture of one of those who they said had been active in this game of one upsmanship. Teodoro Eduardo Garcia Simental [El Teo]... was boiling rivals in barrels of lye in what has become known as pozole[.]

Given his sadistic predilection to liquefy humans in vats of acid, "El Teo" also earned the grotesque moniker "El Pozolero" — and it appears as though climate cultists have become his ideological progeny.

The rate of depravity in a post-Christian world finds itself beholden to the phenomenon known as the snowball effect.  The disregard for the sanctity of human life is gaining traction, with notions like "water cremation" and "human composting" creeping their way into mainstream acceptance.  See a few recent headlines below:

February 19, 2023: Virginia lawmakers considering 'water cremation'

February 20, 2023: Could this be the year that 'water cremation' becomes legal in Texas?

February 24, 2023: Rest in ... compost? These 'green funerals' offer an eco-friendly afterlife.

February 25, 2023: Human Composting Poised to Become a Billion-Dollar Industry

(Let me remind you Republicans hold both chambers of the Texas Legislature as well as the governor's office.  This idea isn't exclusive to demented Democrats.)

So what is water cremation?  Well, human pozole!  From Fast Company:

A process called alkaline hydrolysis is ... the ... flow of warm water mixed with alkali (usually sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) to naturally liquefy a body over the course of several hours. The process creates relatively little emissions and leaves behind no waste. The leftover liquid can be disposed down the drain, and the remaining bones and metal can then go in an urn, like a traditional cremation.

Just when you thought the water supply couldn't be more polluted — thank you, Biden and Buttigieg — now they're dumping liquid human remains down the drain?  Um, why?

Duh, it's obviously because humans are a blight, and we're on the verge of a climate catastrophe.  From The Guardian:

After death, bodies are typically handled in one of two ways: embalmed and buried in a casket, or incinerated and turned into ashes. But both of these options have contributed to the environmental crisis — with fossil fuel-intensive cremation emitting chemicals such as carbon monoxide into the air, and burials taking up large swathes of land.

I wonder if the potential for billion-dollar profits might influence government policy?

Does the name Pfizer ring a bell?  Or Moderna?  Private companies, raking in billions thanks to a friendly government, that in turn receives kickbacks?  Some might call that unethical, or possibly even criminal.

In the name of climate justice, we may very well see an end to human dignity altogether.  What a fitting legacy for the left.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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