Legacy media baffled that President Trump beat Biden and troupe to East Palestine

Instead of doing serious reporting about Biden’s and Mayor Pete’s incompetence and inaction on an environmental disaster, the media is running the same play they’ve been running for over seven years: go after Trump.

On Thursday, Ross Barkan, a reporter for MSN posed this question: “How did Donald Trump beat Pete Buttigieg to East Palestine, Ohio?” Barkan wrote

Donald Trump somehow made it to East Palestine, Ohio, before Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg. The former president, desperate to return to the White House, accused the Biden administration of ‘indifference and betrayal’ for its response to a train derailment that leaked toxic chemicals into the air and waterways of the town. It was a tantalizing opportunity for Trump, a way for him to playact, once again, the populist.

Of course, Trump was not genuine. He does not care about what the Federal Emergency Management Agency does or does not do. Despite being president for four years, he likely barely understands the federal bureaucracy or how disaster relief works in the United States….

The author says Trump is desperate to return to the White House. (News flash: we’re desperate for his return to the White House.) Yet, here are some things that show which party is actually desperate to occupy the White House:

When Hillary and the DNC couldn’t run on her corrupt record and on their unpopular leftist policies, they paid a foreign national over $10 million to create a fictitious dossier to destroy Trump. They must have had trouble finding true dirt with which to destroy him.

FBI director James Comey listed all of Hillary’s crimes and then falsely claimed no one would be prosecuted for those crimes.

Corrupt FBI bureaucrats, who were so desperate for Hillary to win, continuously peddled the fake dossier as legitimate when they lied to the FISA court so they could illegally spy on associates of Trump as they sought to destroy him.

For four years, the media and other Democrats intentionally lied, asserting that Trump had colluded with Russia; they challenged the legitimacy of the election and labeled him an illegitimate president.

When Trump did his job and asked Ukraine to investigate the known corruption and kickbacks to the Biden family, the media and other Democrats colluded to push for Trump’s impeachment. The media and other Democrats have never cared about all the kickbacks to the Clintons or the Bidens.

When a true story about a laptop came out before the 2020 election that showed how corrupt Joe and his family were, a cabal of journalists, government officials, former intelligence officials, and other Democrats engaged in a calculated campaign to knowingly censor the truth from the public. That shows pure desperation by a party so consumed with power that they were willing to intentionally interfere in a presidential election. They clearly didn’t care about democracy or election integrity.

This is yet one more example of a Democrat operative impersonating a “journalist” — reporting is no longer about news or truth, it is a political weapon.

Where are all the environmentalists, entertainers, and other protesters in East Palestine? They certainly would have been there if this occurred on Trump’s watch.

Think how the media and others savaged George Bush after Katrina hit, even though it was a Democrat mayor that didn’t adequately prepare and evacuate. Within three days of knowing how bad the hurricane was, Bush and FEMA had the people evacuated to shelters throughout the country. The response was massive and amazing. Yet Bush was trashed as a racist who didn’t care.

Terry Moran, a senior correspondent for ABC expressed his concern that Biden’s lollygagging was allowing Orange Man Bad the opportunity to share a message of support. From NewsBusters:

Moran's larger point was not that Biden spent three weeks snubbing the people of East Palestine, he's just angry that Trump decided to go and in the process made Biden look heartless or uncaring.

Conclusion: The reason that Trump beat Mayor Pete and Biden to the spill, even though he didn’t go for a whopping twenty days, is because the Democrats don’t care about the little people.

Image: Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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