Government policy should be founded in fact rather than fiction

For decades, the public has been warned about the existential threat of global warming and climate change based on computer models. An outlet out last year even reported on an admission from scientists that models weren’t accurate because they didn’t accurately model clouds — the article was aptly titled “Scientists Conclude Dire Climate Change Models Were Wrong, Now What?”

The public has been told that Earth has warmed one to two degrees in the last 150 years. Yet, this article asserts the “experts” overestimated the temperature of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica by 2.7 degrees. Why should we believe their other estimates are more accurate? 

Here are some actual and very recent climate events that have occurred despite 150 years of exponential growth of coal, oil, cars, planes, gas stoves, methane, and all the other things that we are told cause an irreversible threat of rapid warming and severe storms.

  1. ‘Historic Arctic outbreak’ crushes records in New England

  2. Bjorn Lomborg Climate Report: Hurricanes ‘Unprecedentedly Weak’ in 2022

You’d think news of pleasantly mild hurricane season would be widely spread, yet almost all the media buried it because it didn’t fit the agenda to scare people into capitulation.

In December there were record snows in Buffalo. In January there was record snow and rain in California. The experts predicted another dry California winter; they were way off. Why should we believe their long forecasts when they can’t accurately predict short forecasts? 

China is a massive polluter, is the most populous nation on Earth, and continues to build many coal plants, yet a town just saw its coldest temperature on record: 36 degrees below normal. From a Washington Post article:

While this city of nearly 85,000 is typically cold, the chill over the weekend was truly exceptional — or approximately 36 degrees (20 Celsius) below normal.

“Truly exceptional” eh?

Instead of facts, we get continuing predictions of dire destruction. 

An article published two days ago by PBS stated 15 million are under threat from melting glaciers; ergo, we are supposed to destroy industries that have greatly improved the quality and length of life of everyone who uses them because sometime in the future less than 2/10ths of a percent of the population may need to move?

The article even admits that glacial outbursts have occurred throughout history, which is long before humans, oil, and coal could have caused them.

The lies of Al Gore and Paul Ehrlich are much more threatening to everyone than any of those made by George Santos.

Al Gore’s book and movie should, unarguably at this point, be classified as science fiction instead of a documentary — there is no excuse for Biden, Gore, Kerry, Gates, Bloomberg, and others to spread these myths. 

Yet, lying is ingrained in the Democrat character and ethos.

They lied to get Obamacare passed.

They lied to get the nuclear deal signed with Iran.

They lied about Russian collusion with Trump, and the media enthusiastically perpetuated that lie.

Fauci and the CDC continually lied about COVID, aided by the complicit media and Big Tech to silence those who shared the truth.

They lied about Russian disinformation to bury the Biden laptop story.

They lie when they say the border is secure.

Biden lies when he says he inherited a disastrous economy and high inflation.

They lie when they say that Trump’s tax rate cuts cost the government trillions.

Why would anyone believe that these same people would be hesitant to lie about the climate? The compliant media certainly won’t question the lies.

It is pathetic when Gates, Kerry, and others live in mansions and fly in private jets while lecturing others to reduce their carbon footprint. They claim they are carbon neutral because they purchase worthless pieces of paper called carbon credits and invest in “net zero” initiatives — yet, stealing from the little guy and finding moral superiority in the theft is classic for a leftist.

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