Can Pfizer really hold itself accountable?

First Sen. Marco Rubio and now a handful of Michigan state legislators have penned letters to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla asking the company to "hold itself accountable" for the explosive Project Veritas revelations concerning gain-of-function and directed-evolution research occurring within the walls of the pharmaceutical giant.

The phrasing "hold itself accountable" is what gives me the same sinking feeling the now thoroughly discredited phrase "safe and effective" once did.

Why would a corporate entity with total legal immunity, thanks to the PREP Act, earning close to $25 billion in quarterly revenue, hold itself accountable for anything, much less the profoundly profitable work of intentionally infecting everyone with man-made viruses for which it owns the sole patent on the cures?

It makes no sense and stinks of yet another conspicuous display of GOP weakness at best.  Assuming the worst, it's a euphemism for "donate more to us to make this go away."

In a proper democracy, Bourla and others would already be under arrest, facing Nuremberg-style charges pending federal and international investigation.  But since we're not a democracy so much as an oligopoly of big business, big media, and big government, it's foolish to assume that Pfizer is going to hold itself accountable.

Could the House GOP do something about this?  Sure.  And they probably will do something, for appearance's sake.

Given their track record faux-investigating things like Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary's emails, the Russia hoax, Burisma, Hunter's laptop, 2020 election fraud, Big Tech–government censorship collusion, and so many other things, don't expect much to come of it apart from fundraising-off-your-outrage tweets, emails, and memes.

I'm not in the business of dispensing black pills, but until Americans have an actual opposition party that is willing to speak truth to power, represent the people of this country, and enforce basic ethics, we're all at an exponentially increasing risk of irreparable evil happening in our lifetimes.

Image: Screen shot from The Hill video via YouTube.

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