Biden installed: What could possibly go wrong?

Despite the convictions of Democrats and Trump-haters, evidence that the 2020 election was rigged seems to have met the "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden.  Beyond Molly Ball's Time Magazine bragging confession, there are the ballot box–stuffing mules and the accounts of numerous cyber-experts that demonstrated how some voting machines could be (and seemingly were) programmed to cheat.  Biden was not legitimately elected; he was fraudulently installed.  So terrified of Donald Trump are the denizens of the swamp that they were willing to sell out the country, the Constitution, and the American people, and put into the Oval Office a man so corrupt and so compromised that the nation might never recover from this catastrophic theft of an American presidential election.  Biden has effectively ruined America in two short years.

We are no longer energy independent but are being starved of domestic energy.  Businesses, especially restaurants, that survived the ridiculous COVID lockdowns now face unaffordable gas bills.  Gas prices are twice what they were under Trump — and now these fools want to ban gas stoves!  Punishingly absurd.

This is a party that means to restrict all of the freedoms Americans have long taken for granted.  The loathsome governor of California dismisses our reverence for those "freedoms" (his air quotes) in favor of gun control:

We've chosen this. This is our decision to live in these conditions. It doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. So, we've chosen this. We've accepted this. We can sit there and say 'thoughts and prayers' or we can look in the mirror, say, 'This is the price, I guess, of whatever, fill in the blank, freedom? This is the price of freedom.' Freedom from what?

This man does not believe that Americans have a right to self-defense, but criminals have the right to unrestricted freedom.

Crime is up all over the nation because the left is pro-criminal.  Criminals are coddled and turned loose to prey on citizens again.  Los Angeles's district attorney is a case in point: George Gascón never met a violent criminal he didn't want to set free.  Downtown L.A. is no longer safe to enjoy, nor is it the thriving hub of culture it once was; it has been taken over by the homeless population (as has San Francisco).  The homeless, a population almost entirely mentally ill and/or drug-addicted, are often a danger to those who cross their paths.  They need psychiatric care, but in California they get syringes.  They're left to taunt the public, to defecate on the streets, and to ruin the cities they inhabit.  Like so many other Democrat-run hellscapes, L.A. and S.F. are unlikely to recover without a political shift.

How have things gone so wrong in two years?  Well, one obvious reason is Biden's thoroughly incompetent Cabinet.  Not one has the expertise to do the jobs they've been given.  They were each selected not for their talent or experience, but for their skin color or sexual orientation.  Pete Buttigieg has proven completely unqualified as head of the Transportation Department.  He rarely goes to work, and he uses government or military planes for personal travel.  He has yet to visit East Palestine and address the Chernobyl-like cataclysm that just occurred.  He's an abject coward.

Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, a failed former governor, is a colossal joke — one even she thinks is funny.  When asked when gas prices might go down, she just laughed, Kamala-style.  Janet Yellen, Blinken, Ned Price, Jake Sullivan, Mayorkas at DHSMerrick Garland — the most Stalinist prosecutor in U.S. history.  Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley, both more concerned about "White rage" and proper "pronouns" for "trans" members of the military than our readiness for the world war that Biden has almost assuredly set in motion.  Biden and his cronies get rich off war, so the endless conflicts are unsurprising.  They are war criminals who have allowed fifty thousand Ukrainian civilians to be slaughtered for their greedy cause.  Russia will not give up.  These warmongers should all know that, for there is a couple of hundred years of history they might have studied.  The Ukrainian citizens and troops and the Russian troops are all just pawns in an immoral geopolitical game. 

Then there is China, our most dangerous and threatening adversary. Everyone should know well by now that Joe Biden is owned by China.  Were it not for a sharp-eyed journalist in Montana publicizing "the balloon's" presence, it would probably be spying still today.  He is one of the "captured elites" whom China has bought and for whom China has paid — can't forget McConnell and countless others!  These captured elites don't mind communism, totalitarianism, the outrageous tyrannical agenda of the WEF, and that old Nazi Klaus Schwab.

Whoever pulled the strings to install Biden should go to prison.  Whoever is really calling the shots and implementing such terrible policy — lockdowns, vax mandates, restricting the capture of domestic energy, mandating DIE, ESG, CRT, etc. throughout every institution and corporation in the U.S. — should be sent to prison for treason.  Whoever they are, they are traitors to this nation; they're waging a war against the American citizenry.  The vaccines alone have killed thousands; their pro-criminal policies have killed countless innocents; the open border has caused the deaths of thousands of migrants, and of law-abiding Americans who fell victim to criminal aliens and the fentanyl crisis.

The economy is the worst it's been in four decades.  Our national debt is $31 trillion — the interest alone is $750 billion a year.  None of this is sustainable.  The "green agenda" is climate communism to control how we all live.  If their "15-minute cities" come to America, there will be a second Civil War.  They want to mandate E.V.s, but there is not enough lithium on the planet to put everyone in an electric vehicle.  That is a fantasy that will never be realized.

The illegitimate Biden administration has been a blight in every way possible.  Biden was not elected, but installed by a cabal of treasonous players interested only in their own wealth and power, and the destruction has been by design.

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