Africa a medical mystery to the globalist COVID elites

When someone has had success in beating off a global pandemic, shouldn't they maybe get some kind of laurels? At a minimum, it would makes sense to learn what they learned so as to get the same result. That's how actual science works, or at least, it did.

Not to the global bureaucrats of the World Health Organization (WHO), which can't stop telling African countries on a continent that has great success in beating COVID, what to do.

According to the Burning Platform:

Scientists are said to be “mystified” as to how Africa fared so well, completely ignoring data showing that the more COVID-19 shots you get, the higher your risk of contracting COVID-19 and ending up in the hospital.

Over the past year, researchers have been warning that the COVID-19 jabs appear to be dysregulating and actually destroying people’s immune systems, leaving them vulnerable not only to COVID-19 but also other infections.

It stands to reason, then, that Africa with its low injection rate would not be burdened with COVID-19 cases brought on by dysfunctional immune systems.

Secondly, variants have gotten milder (less pathogenic) with each iteration, albeit more infectious (i.e., they spread easier).

So why is the WHO worried about “the risk of new variants creating large waves of serious disease and death in populations with low vaccination coverage”? What is that “risk” based on?

And, since COVID-19 infection keeps getting milder, and has had a lethality on par with or lower than influenza ever since mid-2020 at the latest, why is it still a “crucial priority” to accelerate delivery of COVID-19 treatments?

What part of 'succeeded' do they not understand? The Africans did not follow the great lockdown strategies seen in China, most of Western Europe, and most of the U.S., which is why their populations were able to acquire natural immunity as the virus mutated to weaker and weaker versions of itself, which is how pretty much all pandemic viruses play out. They also used ivermectin and other known kill-it-dead cures for the disease, having the widely available and inexpensive treatment available over the fancy-schmancy newest treatments developed by Big Pharma. In addition, not having the resources, they didn't pursue a mass vaccination strategy which has led to a host of suspected problems in the populations that did, from myocarditis and blood clots that often led to death in young people, to the emerging issue of suspected mass infertility from the vaccines. If that one turns out to be true, I wrote about that issue here, Africa can now look forward to ruling the earth because after the jabbed populations go extinct, they will be among the few who are left.

Yet amazingly, the WHO is still trying to tell Africa to get jabbed same as has been done in the West, and there seems to be no taking stock of what is going on on the ground on the continent, where the locals for whatever reason, didn't follow the "expert" template. Now they are fine, as are the Swedes, who didn't buy into the mask-lockdown-and-vaccine recommendations of the global public health bureaucrats any more than the Africans did.

It's just astonishing that the WHO prefers to bull ahead with its failed results instead of listen and learn from those who know how to handle a pandemic. The Africans should be exceptionally proud of their common sense record because they are doing just fine in the wake of the pandemic's passing. No kids with learning disabilities and social problems because of masking and school shutdowns. No ruined economies based on mass lockdowns. No mysterious illnesses nor mass sterility which may be a result of mass forced vaccinations. 

Doesn't mean a thing to the WHO, which demonstrates to the rest of us that they aren't about science, or inquiry, or all of those other supposedly superior western educational values. They should be begging the Africans for advice about how to handle the next pandemic or how to replicate those results, or at a minimum, telling them to just keep doing what they are doing, but instead they are pushing their own bad solutions on them, never mind the evidence that's standing right there in their faces.

It shows they are not about science but about preserving and perpetrating their own power. 

Get out the old colonial pith helmets, because the colonizer wannabes from Europe's global elites have gotten busy again. One hopes the Africans are wise to them.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License


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