Your daily dose of weirdness and hypocrisy from Davos

Once again, the world’s powerful “thought leaders” have assembled in the exclusive Swiss town of Davos to figure out how to use their “extraterrestrial” power to solve the world’s problems. Of course, solving the world’s problems means creating a tiered system in which they live the lives of Roman emperors, while the rest of us peons (the ones who are allowed to survive) grovel in the dust, eating insects. Knowing that, I guess it won’t shock you too much to learn about the swelling waves of hypocrisy emanating from Davos, or the weird post-modern nonsense they find entertaining.

The most glaring hypocrisy relates to diet. The Davos crowd desperately wants us—the none Davosites—to save the planet by eating bugs. Last year, the World Economic Forum earnestly delivered to the world’s peons an important message: “5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change,” an article assured us. For me, the most interesting was the claim that we’re running out of protein. I guess that’s true when the Dutch government forcibly shuts down around 3,000 (or 30%) of its farms, including livestock farms. Meanwhile, in France, they’re planning to mask and diaper cows.

But the bug beat goes on:

But what about Davos attendees? Are they eating bugs? Of course, not. And they probably wouldn’t say they’re hypocrites either because they never intended to eat bugs. Those are for the little people. Here’s what the “select group of human beings” are eating, at least if they’re US lawmakers having a special lunch with Klaus Schwab:

I said the “most glaring hypocrisy relates to diet.” I misspoke because there’s an equally glaring hypocrisy related to travel, as all of these “select” human beings avoid mingling with the hoi polloi on commercial jets. Instead, they fly private. Except that, weirdly, John Kerry is now announcing that he flies “commercial, exclusively.” Perhaps he really does and, if so, that marks a sea change in his behavior. A year and a half ago, he and his family got tagged for taking 16 private jet trips in the first seven months of 2021.

Well, it’s not so weird if these theories about Kerry’s definition of “flying commercially” are correct:

I lack current information on Kerry’s preferred form of travel in the last 16 months or so, but I’ll never forget when he boasted that he was too important to travel like the rest of the little people (“It’s the only choice for somebody like me”).

Lastly, just to remind you again of the chasm between the “select” people and the rest of you, this is what passes for entertainment amongst the world’s elite:

Actual melodies are so plebian, don’t you know?

So, you’ve now had your reminder, as if you need it, that the people who are using their political and economic power to control your lives would never sully themselves living as you do, and they hate everything you stand for, including actual music with actual melodies.

(Hat tip to Twitchy for assembling all the great tweets on which I relied.)

Image: The food at Davos. Twitter screen grab.

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