Tucker Carlson said something very brave about Nixon’s political demise

I always find Tucker Carlson’s monologues interesting, and that’s true whether I agree with him or not. I also find that he’s very brave, speaking truths that others in the media either oppose or are scared to utter. Thursday night saw Tucker take one of his bravest stands yet, advancing a spin on Watergate that, if true, puts him in the Deep State’s crosshairs and, if he’s wrong, makes him look utterly foolish.

Tucker’s monologue began by pointing out that Biden is the architect of every existential disaster facing America today. It’s impossible to argue with that. Indeed, the only argument is the one coming from the left, and it’s a shift in perspective, not one in fact. To the left, Biden’s open borders, support for the Ukraine War, attacks on individual liberty, and the war on American moral and cultural norms (including his support for racial divisions and transgenderism) are all good things that purify America.

Where Tucker went beyond the obvious into the land of bravery was to say that the Deep State was behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination and, when Nixon started nosing around, the Deep State took him out too:

(If you don’t want to watch the video, this article summarizes it.)

As I said, when you put yourself out as Tucker did, you’re either right and the Deep State may come for you, or you’re wrong, in which case you risk your credibility. I’ll just add a couple of observations.

Point 1: I was never that interested in JFK or his assassination. I was a very good girl, so my only act of rebellion was studied disinterest in a president my parents thought walked on water.

However, separate from any theories floating around regarding Kennedy’s assassination, I’ve never understood how, at the height of the Cold War and anti-communist hysteria, Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine, was able to travel so freely between the USSR and America. It always seemed logical to me that he was either a government operative or that the government knew he was a risk but was content to let him play out his agenda.

Point 2: We are seeing a division between the American media and the Deep State. The former seems determined to get Biden out of office, while the latter is dragging its feet.

Although the CNN and MSNBC crowd are still trying to devise excuses for Joe possessing classified documents, White House reporters are (unusually) pursuing the story. They’re asking Karine Jean-Pierre real questions and even going after Biden himself. Just today, the New York Times reported that a cabal of people close to Joe tried to silence the entire classified document scandal. That’s actual journalism.

Meanwhile, the DOJ and FBI are actively protecting Joe, as evidenced by the fact that the DOJ and FBI wanted nothing to do with the document search, leaving the entire matter to Joe’s lawyers…who might just be a tiny bit partisan. Indeed, they’re repeating the pattern we saw with both Hillary and Hunter, which involved protecting them whenever possible.

Additionally, Robert Hur, the man whom Garland reluctantly appointed to investigate Biden’s document problem, is himself a Deep State operative. Don’t be distracted by the fact that he’s a Republican. What’s more interesting is that he was principal counselor to both Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray, neither of whom has been a friend to the United States Constitution.

I have no idea what to make of the seeming schism between the media and the intelligence communities. All I know is that it’s always interesting to see them part ways.

Point 3: I suspect that many of you, like me, once would have scoffed at theories such as the one Tucker advanced last night. The thought that our government could be engaged in the kind of corruption that characterized the end of the Roman and Byzantine empires seemed impossible. We, after all, are a constitutional republic!

But as the events before, during, and after Trump’s presidency have revealed, that constitutional republic may be a chimera. Instead, we’re the proles in Orwell’s 1984, thinking we’re living an ordinary life, even as, behind the scenes, Big Brother is pulling all the strings. In 1984, their ignorance and naivete are what keep Big Brother in power. There was always the risk that, if they learned what was really going on, Big Brother (which I’ve always assumed was “The Party,” not a person) might be forced to abdicate.

Image: YouTube screen grab.

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