Weaponized language rules the political narrative of the left

Some of the growing political frustration observed by many can be attributed to expectations regarding the use of language.  For example, many are familiar with the misunderstanding of the Spanish word mañana.  Some take this to mean "tomorrow" when it is often used to mean some vague time in the future.

Even within English, there can be vast differences in how language is used.  A husband and wife may argue, with her saying, "You never talk to me," to which the husband replies, "What do you think I am doing now?"  In this example, the miscommunication results from one person using language to represent how she feels and the other looking for logical accuracy.  The husband is often unaware that his wife uses the words "never talk" as an emotional exclamation point rather than a literal accusation.

To understand how language has come to be used so differently today, we should examine the history of Western (Christian, to one degree or another) civilization.  Truth was central to life.  Our entire legal system was based on telling the truth.  With the coming of collegiate relativism in the 1960s, a new paradigm emerged: that of using language as a tool to obtain objectives.  Truth became increasingly irrelevant and often an obstacle in the use of language.

Sadly, a large portion of our population is still under the impression that what those in authority say is true.  The medical, media, and political classes have taken advantage of this latency to manipulate people to their will.  These self-appointed "elites" have contempt for us and even resent that they have to exert effort to manipulate us, as they would prefer to simply tell us what to do.

The key here is manipulation.  The theory of democracy was that the people would consider the issues and inform their representatives of what they wanted.  This may not actually be workable; however, we are now in a state where the ruling class feels the need to manipulate us to act as they think we should.  The lies, accusations, distortions, and innuendos have been so effective that vote fraud is only now becoming increasingly necessary.

Once Stalinist-type control is obtained, the illusion of voting at all may no longer be needed.  At least those in the old Soviet Union were free enough to know that they were being told lies.

Tim Froehlke can be contacted through http://christianpioneer.com.

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