We really could use a grievance scorecard

In the good old days, when men were men, it was easy to tell the political ball players without a scorecard, at least from the socialist and communist point of view, thanks to economic Marxism.  You would always distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.  Tsarists versus communists?  The former, of course.  Bourgeois versus proletarians?  The latter take precedence.  Socialists vis-à-vis capitalists?  You've gotta be kidding to even ask about that.  Workers (pronounced woikas in Brooklyn) compared to corporations?  Fuggehdaboudit!  A similar "analysis" applies to union members and scabs.  Although, to be fair to Brer Commie, some of them actually opposed organized labor on the ground that this would just lengthen the stay of evil free enterprise.

Nowadays, under cultural Marxism, we are at sea, without a rudder, and this applies, amazingly, to all of us, snowflake wokists most certainly included.  Oh, don't get me wrong: there are still some broad categories that are crystal-clear.  Blacks are to be preferred to whites.  (We even capitalize the former, not the latter, if we're politically corerect.)  Affirmative action for the former?  You betcha.  Women, to be sure, take precedence over men.  LGBTQIA+ takes pride of place over all others.

Still, there are anomalies.  What about black men versus white women?  It would appear that there is a real contest going on here.  Perhaps the former outrank the latter in that they can launch the charge of "Karen," and the latter have no similar verbal missile to utilize.  Recently, what with Kanye West and Kyrie Irving, Jewish sensibilities have taken precedence over at least the ones of these black people.  But wait a sec!  Jews are white, surely an inferior breed in the cultural Marxist sweepstakes.  Surely, the hierarchy should have been the other way around.

Blacks may not outrank the LGBTQIA+ community, but, surely, they have suffered more than anyone else.  How, then, can Jewish sensibilities be placed higher than theirs?  No, that makes no sense, either.  African-Americans were enslaved (recently, you'd expect, to hear the progressives wax eloquent about the present effects of this evil institution), and say what you will about the suffering of gays, lesbians, etc., but they cannot claim anything like that level of anguish.  So how, then, to understand that ranking?

If these folk had any decency, any appreciation for proper categorization, they would issue the rest of us a scorecard (they could use one, too!), depicting the exact order groups of people are to be ranked in terms of being given privileges denied to others.

So much for the foolishness of those now in charge of our universities, pulpits, newsrooms, media, boardrooms, hospitals, military, and other leading cultural institutions.  What is proper behavior like for the rest of us?  It is simple.  There are no categories.  None whatsoever.  People, all of us, are to be judged on "the content of our character" and the actions that proceed therefrom.  They are not to be weighed on the basis of the color of their epidermis, their genitalia, what use they make of them and with whom, or any other such characteristic.  They must sink or swim predicated on their behavior.

Here, you'll no longer need a scorecard.  Everyone is on the same team: humanity.  I thought our progressive friends believed in equality, equity, and fairness.  Evidently not.

Image via Pxhere.

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