Social media censorship goes all the way up to the White House

In a series of bombshell tweets (below), Missouri’s Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, has revealed that it wasn’t just the FBI and other alphabet agencies working to censor anything that disagreed with their Democrat, globalist, and anti-Trump worldview. Instead, the censorship regime went all the way up to the “highest…levels of the White House”—the Biden White House and was directed at both Facebook and Twitter.

Elon Musk’s willingness to open the Twitter Files has meant that we’ve seen that various federal agencies, with the FBI in the lead, worked closely with Twitter and routinely (and usually successfully) pushed Twitter to delete anything the deep state (that is to say, the Democrat party) disliked. And what the Dems disliked was anything that would help Trump, harm Biden, or destroy the Democrats’ COVID narrative, a narrative that created the perfect circumstances to cheat in the election, destroy the economy, and wipe out the middle and working classes.

(As an aside, who would ever have suspected that Elon Musk would be the black swan that might destroy Democrat hegemony?)

Now, thanks to Bailey’s work, we’re learning that the censorship regime included the Biden White House, as well. This was grossly unconstitutional. The government may not engage in censorship.

Image: Censorship by Andrea Widburg using a background by Michael Dziedzic.

Yet we’re now seeing that the entire executive branch of government, from the White House on down, along with Congress, did everything it could to silence the platforms on which Americans were trained for almost 20 years to share information and their opinions. Keep in mind as you contemplate what happened that the government may not circumvent the Bill of Rights by delegating to others the censorship it cannot do itself.

The tragedy of 2023 is that we have no mechanism to punish any of these political malfeasors who committed such egregious constitutional violations. Merrick Garland combines anger with losing a seat on the Supreme Court with a complete disdain for constitutional and legal principles that stand in the way of Democrats gaining complete government power.

Garland will take no action against anyone. However, during both the Republican primaries and the campaign, those vying for America’s votes should state in no uncertain terms that, once in office, they will direct the attorney general to punish these constitutional wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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