New ‘commercial’ advertises the Kaufman Institute for Coincidence

This parody was spot on.

For everyone who took the shot, is experiencing “sudden” or “unexplained” or “coincidental” health issues but isn’t yet ready to accept the very obvious agenda or the indisputable adverse side effects, there’s a novel institution ready to keep your house-of-cards-mind from collapsing and protecting you from the uncomfortable and jarring reality that you’ve been duped by Big Pharma and Big Government.

Not really, but it was an amusing concept. Watch the “commercial” below (it’ll be worth your time):

The medical staff at Kaufman won’t inquire about your Covid-19 vaccine status, because that would be inappropriate and unethical, and questions like that could get any complicit parties or collaborators into “hot water”. They won’t challenge the pseudo-reality in which you live; you can coast in denial in your comfort zone of being intentionally unaware, knowing that the facility’s personnel are treating your new health problems with the utmost attention, all the while, making it clear that your unfortunate conditions are definitely not because you chose to become a guinea pig and participate in human trials of genetic engineering which turned you into a factory of spike proteins.

In other news:


Also, can’t forget this from LifeSiteNews:

A recently surfaced undercover video reveals a Pfizer scientist admitting that the company knew of the potential risks of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines causing myocarditis despite refraining from sharing that information with the public.

Despite the lighthearted nature of the “commercial,” the objective and unfiltered reality is beyond tragic. The Covid-19 “vaccine” agenda is on par with the crimes committed by “doctors” who operated under the authority of the Third Reich — and the response to the fallout ought to be the Nuremberg Trials 2.0.

Thankfully, not all our “vaccinated” countrymen are unwilling to face the music; read what Ryan Cunningham, a political social media influencer, had to say below:

However, I’d have to argue Mr. Cunningham on one point. Us “conspiracy theorists” are doing just fine given the fact that “sudden” life-threatening medical conditions are likely absent from our individual realities; but we’re acutely aware that many of our loved ones aren’t as healthy as they may look.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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