Nancy's last stand

This past week, we witnessed an extremely rare hard fought battle in Washington to elect a new leader for the incoming GOP majority.  Fifteen rounds of voting over several days were required before an agreement was reached.  McCarthy and his backers were on one side and the Freedom Caucus on the other.  The media and the left (but I repeat myself) ate it up.  The Freedom Caucus members were termed "terrorists" by some, and McCarthy's ability to lead was strongly questioned.  We all saw or read the reports.  In doing so, I could not help but wonder how it might have gone had "The Squad" stood up to Queen Nan.

 I think it may have been reported like this:

Dateline Washington, D.C. — After days of a hard fought struggle, a House Speaker was selected with Nancy Pelosi demonstrating why she has become the most dynamic speaker in the history of the U.S. Congress.  The GOP once told us that women did not have the mettle to participate in the rough world of politics.  After the actions of last week, there should now be no doubt that women, like Nancy Pelosi and those opposed to her, not only are at home in the world of politics, but have proven they can prevail.

The fight was an epic battle for the ages.  On one side were five women, collectively known as "The Squad," who initially held their ground against withering odds.  Over two hundred of their colleagues stood in opposition to them, yet they held the high ground, reminding us of General Custer at Little Big Horn, as his men, badly outnumbered, stood their ground against an unrelenting opponent.  The Squad, reflecting their persuasive abilities, were able to draw over a dozen of their colleagues to their cause.  They spoke for those not spoken for.  They represented those who for years were denied a seat at the table.  But Nancy, being a formidable opponent, using her Machiavellian like skills, was not about to be outmaneuvered.

Not since before the Civil War has a potential speaker faced an opposition as united as was faced by Nancy Pelosi.  Her actions in holding together those united with her, as well as her shrewd negotiations with the much admired squad proved that the nation has never before seen a speaker with the strength, the will, and the diplomatic skills of Nancy Pelosi.  Indeed, we as a nation are lucky to have her as a leader.

Exaggerated?  Maybe.  But not by much.

Image: Pixabay.

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