It's time to elect Harmeet Dhillon as party chair

Today, the Republican National Committee is holding its election for chairperson.  They would be doing America and the American people a good turn if they were to vote for Harmeet Dhillon.

Current GOP party chair Ronna McDaniel is, by all appearances, a nice person.  She also has an impressive pedigree.  She is the granddaughter of Michigan governor and businessman George W. Romney and the niece of Massachusetts governor and U.S. senator Mitt Romney.  She won her GOP leadership positions based solely on her ability (eye roll).  Her father, Scott Romney, once sat on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees.  She earned her bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, and I think it's safe to assume that she wasn't burdened with student loan debt following graduation.

Her opponent for the GOP chair position is Harmeet Dhillon, who is a legal immigrant from India and successfully dealt with the difficulties that entailed (her father was an orthopedic surgeon who immigrated with her family to the U.S. in order to pursue his profession).  She did not have the family political connections that McDaniel obviously has.  More impressively, she completed her undergraduate degree at Dartmouth and earned her J.D. at the University of Virginia.  In her practice as an attorney, she has an impressive record of successful lawsuits beating back the leftist onslaught that is poisoning American culture.

Image: Harmeet Dhillon by Gage Skidmore.  CC BY-SA 2.0.

Here is the Federalist Society’s description of Dhillon’s career:

Ms. Dhillon has developed a niche practice in representing clients across California in election and campaign law matters, ranging from general compliance and ethics representation for partisan and non-partisan contenders to ballot description contests and intellectual property matters pertaining to campaign communications. She is regularly retained by candidates and campaigns for advice on complex legal issues.

The Republican Party is at a crucial turning point, having just won back the House of Representatives.  Thanks to a small group of GOP constitutionalists during the speaker battle, newly elected speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed to conditions that actually hold the GOP to its critical campaign promises involving spending cuts and rules.

If Dhillon wins, she is poised to take the GOP into uncharted territory: actually backing candidates who are committed to following through with their promises by enacting conservative policies!  Once GOP rank-and-file and independent voters see these results, they will be energized going into 2024.

Dhillon has exactly the expertise needed as party chair to battle formidable opponents such as Democrat heavyweight attorney Marc Elias and his former law firm Perkins Coie.  Elias and his firm caught the Republican leadership flat-footed in 2020 by filing a slew of lawsuits that paved the way for unsolicited mail-in ballots and other electoral shenanigans.  Dhillon will take these threats seriously and respond with an aggressive legal counterattack.

The GOP needs a chairperson who will lead and not coast.  One who will demand and pursue the results that the conservative base enthusiastically supports.  The party doesn't need another heir to a political dynasty who is happy with the status quo and serves only a narrow donor class out of step with the average conservative and independent voter.  Harmeet Dhillon is the clear choice for results that will propel the GOP to victory in the crucial 2024 congressional and presidential elections.  She rightly deserves to be elected the next RNC chair.

Michael A. Bertolone, M.S. is a past executive V.P. of the Monroe County (N.Y.) Law Enforcement Association and a freelance writer in Rochester, N.Y.  His eBook The War on Equality: How Equity is Destroying Our Society is available on Amazon.

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