FTC proposes new rule to prohibit non-compete agreements

The regulations and greed of the powerful government never stop. Now, the Federal Trade Commission wants to outlaw non-compete covenants (a contractual agreement between two parties to limit competition for a certain period of time). The FTC claims the contracts are suppressing wages — I had no idea that the FTC was worried that executives and professionals were underpaid and needed protection. There is no reason for low and average wage earners should sign an agreement not to compete, but there are very good reasons why executives and professionals might have to sign them to protect against other companies poaching them.

From a report on the proposed change below:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to broadly ban the use of non-compete covenants throughout the country.

The proposed rule, which would supersede all contrary state laws, is remarkable for its sweeping definition of “non-compete clauses” that fall within the ban. 

The FTC or Congress could just say the new rule would apply to anyone making under $40 per hour, but executives and professionals can decide themselves.

Here are some ideas for government officials to adopt if they truly wanted to help the private sector and give employees the freedom of choice:

Stop requiring employers to pay prevailing wage laws on government contracts. These laws were passed over 90 years ago, and the goal was to stop minorities from taking jobs from White workers. They have oppressed minorities and inflated costs substantially for taxpayers. Democrats claim they are for getting rid of everything with racist overtones, so why do they still demand that these prevailing wage laws be enforced?

Enforce immigration laws and the border. When you have an unceasing invasion of hordes of illegals, that depresses wages and inflates costs for things like housing, healthcare, and education because of demand. 

Stop fighting right-to-work laws. Shouldn’t workers and employers have the freedom to join a union or not? Does wage garnishment (confiscated union dues) sound fair for those who choose not to join?

Finally, stop all the regulations to destroy energy industries which directly and indirectly employ tens of millions and provide reasonably priced and reliable energy. Thousands of products which have greatly improved our quality and length of life are also derived from crude oil. 

Why doesn’t the media ask Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Kerry, Gates, and others for the scientific data that shows a direct relationship between the consumption of natural resources and temperatures. The answer is they don’t care and probably are aware they wouldn’t get any data to support the destruction.

Why don’t journalists ask politicians, scientists, and bureaucrats how they would replace the thousands of products derived from crude oil? Probably because they don’t care and know that they too wouldn’t get any logical answers.

The United States did not become the richest and most powerful country in the world because of an overreaching government, high taxes, and massive regulations. It became powerful because of freedom and capitalism, which lead to innovation in the private sector.

Trump tried to move the power and money back to the private sector as fast as possible and the media and other Democrats sought to destroy him every day, resorting to lies by calling him a “dictator.” As a result of Trump’s pro-business policies, lower taxes and fewer regulations, we had energy independence and poverty hit record lows at the end of 2019. A powerful private sector was lifting all boats, especially those at the bottom, the ones the Democrat elites only pretend to care about.

All of Biden’s policies seem to be bent on making the government more powerful with more regulations and fees. For decades, “progressive” policies have had the goal to make more people dependent on the government. Those are backwards policies. It is intentionally misleading the public to call them progressive policies.

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