Feminists pleaded for leniency for man who killed ex-girlfriend

Scott McLaughlin said, "I'm f------ killing that b----."  After doing just that, he came back covered in Beverly Guenther's blood.  When he led the police to his ex-girlfriend's body, they found her naked from the chest down, with her bra stained red with her own blood.  McLaughlin admitted to stabbing Guenther.  Over and over again.  The subsequent autopsy found evidence that he may also have strangled and raped her.

McLaughlin had repeatedly assaulted Guenther when they were dating.  He later stalked her, broke into her home, and threatened her.  She obtained an order of protection against him.  A police officer walked her from her job to her car for a week.

Scott Mclaughlin had previously served time for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

And because he eventually claimed to be a woman, feminists pleaded with authorities to spare his her his life.

You see, while in prison, Scott "became" Amber, hair held back in ringlets, rose-colored lipstick gracing "her" lips.  Scott was granted a genuine, official, taxpayer-funded "gender transition" three years ago.

So-called feminists took to social media and posted selfies while wearing pink nail polish to protest McLaughlin's execution.  Some gathered in the rain outside of his prison, waving pink signs stating "#ClemencyforAmber."  Apparently, McLaughlin had urged people "to wear pink in solidarity" with him.  So females actually made sad faces and held pink fingernails up to the camera, demanding that Scott Amber be spared the death penalty.  They formed a circle and held up candles.  In defense of a man who stalked, strangled, raped, and killed a woman — and sexually assaulted a young girl.  Feminists, indeed.

But that's not all.  Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), of "Squad" infamy, co-signed a letter urging Missouri's governor to spare McLaughlin's life because, while he may have beaten, raped, and stabbed a woman to death (and also sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl), "she [sic] was also silently struggling with her [sic] identity, grappling with what we now understand is gender dysphoria."  Yes, naturally, when one wants to be a member of the opposite sex, one assaults and murders other members of that sex.  A rite of passage, so to speak.

Bush went on to state, "Ms. [sic] McLaughlin's cruel execution would mark the state's first use of the death penalty on a woman [sic] since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976."  No, it wouldn't, because "Ms. McLaughlin" is actually Mr. McLaughlin, a man.  For saying that, authorities would surely demand that I attend "re-education camp" (as Canadian authorities have of psychologist Jordan Peterson), where I will have the "opportunity" to have "stimulating" electrodes attached to my cranium until my thinking has been straightened out.  1984 is here, albeit thirty-nine years late.

Moreover, Bethany Mann, the Democrat congressional candidate for the Show-Me State's 3rd District, in conjunction with the Missouri Democratic LGBTQ Caucus, preposterously expectorated, "We resoundingly reject the violence in executing a member of the LGBTQIA+ community during a time of increased attacks and hateful rhetoric across America."

Perhaps Mann (!) and the Missouri Democratic LGBTQ Caucus should "resoundingly reject the violence" against innocent women and girls that McLaughlin perpetuated.

I will close by noting that Elyse Max, an anti-Israel activist who moonlights as the co-director of something called Missourians for Alternatives, recently insisted, "Amber is a gentle human."

Tell that to Beverly Guenther's loved ones.  People — of "any gender" — who stab, strangle, and rape others are not "gentle humans."  Period.  Scott Amber was not "a gentle human."

Nor was he a woman.


(McLaughlin was executed on January 3.)

Image via Pxhere.

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