Democrat godfathers (and mothers?)

In the 1972 movie, The Godfather, the main character, Michael Corleone, subtly asserts that there is little substantive difference between the U.S. government and the Mafia.  He even hints that U.S. senators sometimes go so far as to kill their political opponents.  Nonsense, we said at the time.  Our government is not an organized crime syndicate.  We knew that. 

Two prominent Democrat members of Congress are soon to be removed from sensitive committee assignments, and a third is next on the list.  The reasons for this are clear.  Eric Swalwell, who had a sexual affair with a Chinese spy, is obviously, ineligible to be trusted with military secrets.  Adam Schiff repeatedly lied about closed-door proceedings targeting President Trump.  Ilhan Omar has openly made pejorative remarks about Jews, while refusing to condemn (or even acknowledge) Islamic terrorism. 

None of these removals, necessary though they are, occurred while the Democrats held the House.  Indeed, their speaker expressed support for them. 

To further complicate matters, all this is occurring at the same time as damning revelations are being made concerning "the big guy," Joe Biden, who occupies the Oval Office.  Big Joe has been being paid one million dollars yearly by the Communist Chinese government, laundered through the University of Pennsylvania, in return for failing to suppress Chinese spy operations in the U.S.  Could a million dollars influence Joe Biden to skew the performance of his official duties in favor of the Chinese? 

Combined with the discovery that Big Joe has been hiding classified government documents in unsecured locations, such as his garage, the portrait emerging is not that of an American statesman, but rather that of the head of a family that profits immensely by collaborating with potential wartime enemies of the United States. 

Politically, Big Joe's scandals promise to become the proverbial millstone around Democrat necks.  Indeed, that is why government agencies (read: Democrat operatives) under Biden have been concealing them.  Now, however, concealment is becoming increasingly difficult, and therefore, we are witnessing the beginnings of his predictable jettisoning due to his endangering continued Democrat control of the government.  Amendment 25 looms large.

Near the end of The Godfather, one of his close associates is notified that he is being taken for the iconic "ride."  His pleas to "get me out of this" are callously brushed aside.  Biden's ride will be political only, but just as much of a figurative dead end. 

This raises the absurd prospect of America's possible first female president being not a "crooked Hillary," but rather a "giggling Kamala."  While it seems inconceivable that even the clownish Democrats could be so ludicrous, they are.  If Biden is unable to finish his term, Kamala will inherit the presidency but will be as much a millstone as Big Joe.  Kamala's election prospects in 2024 will be dismal.  Indeed, she was summarily dismissed by Democrat voters during her brief and bungled attempt at a presidential primary campaign in 2019.  Her most memorable moment occurred when fellow Democrat Tulsi Gabbard humiliated her on the debate stage by exposing her lies and hypocrisy.  Kamala's ride to the Oval Office was over — but this one time, Biden got her out of it, by naming her as his running mate.   

She lives; therein lies the dilemma for the Democrats.

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