Biden used MLK's old pulpit to lie and even sleaze up to a little girl

Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta was Martin Luther King's church: his grandfather became the pastor in 1894, his father became the senior pastor in 1931, he was baptized there in 1924, and he served as co-pastor from 1960 until his assassination in 1968.  How that mighty pulpit has fallen, as evidenced by Biden's appearance there Sunday morning, which saw him tell blatant lies, mangle a Supreme Court justice's name, and come on to a little girl.

The church accorded Biden the honor of being the first sitting president to give the Sunday sermon there, which is kind of funny when you consider Biden's long history of openly racist remarks.  The mainstream media, however, had only positive coverage for a president who has presided over the most draconian racial policies since Woodrow Wilson spoke about the need for continued racial progress:

President Joe Biden said America needs to heed the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to "redeem the soul of America" in a sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Sunday.


"The fact is that this is a time of choosing," he said. "Are we a people who will choose democracy or autocracy? You couldn't ask that question 15 years ago; we thought democracy was settled for our African Americans. It's not."

"We have to choose a community over chaos," he continued. "Are we the people going to choose love over hate? These are the vital questions of our time. I believe Dr. King's life and legacy show us the way and we should pay attention."

Funnily enough, none of the mainstream media reports mentioned Biden's open lies, and all shied away from any focus on his creepy callout to someone who was clearly a little girl in the audience.  (See herehere, and here for more examples of these omissions.)  But lie he did, and in ways that ought to have offended the older people in the audience, who really did fight for Civil Rights at a time when Democrats had systematically denied those rights to African-Americans.

Biden claimed that he was a Civil Rights activist as a young man: "I've two political heroes.  My entire life.  When I started off as a 22-year-old on the east side of the Civil Rights movement.  I got elected to the United States Senate when I was 29 and wasn't old enough to take office."

That short snippet contains a blatant lie.  Even CNN and PolitiFact, two Democrat outlets, have conceded that Biden was not involved in the Civil Rights movement.

Biden also couldn't resist boasting about his fierce battle against apartheid in South Africa, along with "a whole lot else."

That, too, is an easily debunked lie.  As even Biden conceded, the sum total of his "taking on Apartheid" was to go with members of the Congressional Black Caucus on a delegation to South Africa.  Once there, despite men with guns (do you believe that?), he refused to use the Whites Only door at the airport.

But Biden wasn't done.  He also insisted that he routinely attended the local Black churches in high school and college.  Funnily enough, not one member of the local Black churches remembers seeing a White kid in attendance:

Biden also struggled mightily to remember the name of the Supreme Court justice whom he nominated, Ketanji Brown Jackson.  The best part of this video is the woman on the far right of the screen:

And then, in a quintessential moment, demonstrating that there is nothing that will stop a pervert from yielding to his impulses, Biden hit on a little girl in the audience:

That's just creepy, right down to his doing the perv thing of asking her for a picture with him.  Think about it.  He's the president.  The normal thing if he were in campaign mode would be to ask the girl, "Would you like a picture with me?"  But this isn't about the girl.  This is about Biden and his impulses.  Ick.

The whole appearance was vintage Biden: the divisive statements on race, the lies, the garbled speech, and the openly displayed creepiness around little girls.  Martin Luther King's family church deserves better than to be sullied by such a man.

UPDATED: This post was updated to remove an egregious mathematical error I made about Biden's birthday.

Image: YouTube screen grab.

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