Before we can defend our society, we must know ourselves

While studying the ancient texts, one arrives at an amazing conclusion: the ancient philosophers knew as much, and perhaps more, about human nature, eternity, and the way as any today.  The ancients didn't have access to technology, modern science, or Twitter.  Yet, through observation, honest self-examination, and rational thought, they saw deeply into mankind's soul and had the decency to record their profound insights.  These are the Great Books.

We ignore these lessons at our own peril.  Philosophy doesn't require faith; it requests rational thought and intuition.  It has meaning to a person after he has done the work.

The fact that we live in a time of great ignorance, lack of decency, and great violence, suggests that humankind has abandoned the path to honesty and understanding.  Men have abandoned the teachings of the past and seek to invent an alternate reality.  These alternate-reality types are doomed to fail.

Common sense has within its simple exterior great wisdom and profound thinking.  Its truth has a ring, a resonance, that spans all time.  Common sense resides within all of us as a primordial self-preservation device.  Its voice is quiet, and so, it requires careful listening, and that requires a calm mind.

The bulk of humanity wants to live in peace.  They are only a few who seek dominion over the masses, and they are known by their avarice and evil actions.  They need misdirection in order to look more powerful, much as Russia has demonstrated with its defeats in Ukraine.  They need minions and governments to control the populace.  They have appearance, not substance.

We, individually, can live our lives full of honesty and decency.  That is our choice, our individuality.  Our honesty will stand against their lies, their falsehood and misdirection.  It will be more than enough.

We can, individually, decide to ignore and reject the leftist mandates by plumbing our own depths and arrive at our core principle.  The fate of our souls depends on such action.

More importantly, the fate of our children and grandchildren depends on our honest actions today.

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