What's in a name? What's in a principle?

Changing what we call ourselves is as useful as changing our shirt to cure an underlying disease.  Appearances are important, but they won't truly change what is "off" with our party — nor what is wrong with the trend to tyranny in our nation.

Better than finding a new label for our belief, we should examine principles that form the foundation of our belief.  Start by defining the principles that guide our decisions.  Those principle should withstand the test of time and the vagaries of opinion.  They should be capable of guiding us in the most difficult situations.  After all, it is our principles to which we turn when in uncharted waters.

One of our principles can be defined as integrity, or living by what we say.  Word backed up by deed.  With integrity, we must chose our principles carefully because we are required, by self-honesty, to adhere to those principles.

Therefore, our principles must strike to bedrock, for they are the foundation of our belief and of our lives.  A conditional principle, one subject to change with the seasons, is only an opinion.  Instead, choose that which stands the test of time and tide.

Before going on to principles, let's define two terms, "liberal" and "democracy."

The left usurped the term "liberal."  Its use of the term is false.  Leftists are the opposite of liberal.  Theirs is the religion of control.  

"Liberal" comes from ancient Greek philosophy (Eleutheria) and means freedom, from which we get "liberty."  In truth, Republicans are classic liberals.  For we universally believe, I think, in freedom, and freedom can only, ever, be ascribed to the person, to the individual.  Nations are not free; only individuals can be free as recognized by their Creator.

Further, the origination of our nation and party is a constitutional republic.  Hence the label "Republican."  Our Constitution must be restored as the law of the land, not subject to interpretation by a party desirous of control.  This document is profound in its understanding of human nature and man's baser instincts.  That is why it seeks to limit government and protect the individual.

A republic is a voluntary union of like-minded individuals united by shared principle.  From the Many, One: "E Pluribus Unum."  Not Conservative, MAGA, RINO, Tea Party, or any other label.

Democracy, contrary to what we have been told, is only a small part of our nation's makeup.  We engage in democracy for one day every two years.  When taken to its ultimate end, democracy is the rule of the majority over the minority.  The ultimate minority is the individual.  Therefore, democracy becomes antithetical to the individual when the majority force their will on the individual.  Such conditions exist today.

Principle is the bedrock upon which we build the foundation of our thinking.  Where our thoughts go, so goes our life.  Consider our guiding principle the sanctity of the individual.  Any action we take should further the rights and responsibility of the individual.  That principle will guide our decisions and reverse the trend to totalitarianism and eliminate greater control of our lives by bureaucrats.  

Better that we individuals seek a deeper principle by which to live and on which we can agree than that we seek another label by which to be branded.  Judge ideas by the principle of the sanctity of the individual and see if that principle properly guides your individual decisions.

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