What should the Republican strategy be in 2024?

The most successful people in life are those who are willing to do what it takes to win.

Republicans have not been very successful in recent elections.

The reason is, they are solely focused on being benign rather than fighting against the Democrats, and they end up getting cheated out of elections.

When will “the election was stolen” come to an end?

Sure, we are disgusted. But by saying the above over and over, nothing is going to change. So what needs to be done?

Newt Gingrich said it best. Gingrich went on Fox News and stated that Republicans must use the same methods that Democrats use when it comes to elections.

For example, ballot-harvesting, mail-in ballots, and prioritizing early voting are some of the Democrat tactics that Republicans must adopt, too. Only and only then will Republicans have a “fair” shot at beating the Democrats.

It’s as if they constantly bring a knife to a gunfight and expect the Democrats not to shoot.

The problem is not their messaging, but the people doing the messaging.

Additionally, let’s be honest. Democrats have always tried to cheat one way or the other. John F. Kennedy used the Chicago mafia and its capo, Sam Giancana, to carry Cook County in the presidential election of 1960. Hillary Clinton used the power of big tech and social media to try and censor conservatives. Building on that, Joe Biden, or well, maybe not so much him, but the people who run him, used Twitter, censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story as well as banning President Trump from Twitter. All in all, the cheating and the corruption shows. When will Republicans fight fire with fire?

Until then, expect disappointment from the Republicans.

If they are going to be governing with trepidation in the House, we are doomed. If they are going to try and be friends with the Democrats, we are doomed. Overall, Republicans, with new leadership at the RNC, must prioritize using the same strategies that the corrupt Democrats use to win elections.

Republicans: Stop trying to be the nice people, stop bringing knives to a gunfight. Rather, when Democrats bring a gun, Republicans must bring a bazooka. All this “benevolence” has gotten you absolutely nowhere. It is time for Republicans to start “cheating,” the same way Democrats do, to finally give the American people what they want.

It starts with President Trump.

I am in high school, and 2024 will be the very first election where I will be eligible to vote.

I am invigorated to vote for President Trump. But I also like Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis. I believe that a Trump/DeSantis ticket would be unbeatable.

Yet, the division occurring in the party between Trump and DeSantis, which seems to be going on now, needs to come to an end.

There is no doubt that DeSantis has an establishment base, just as Trump has his MAGA base.

If Ron decides to run against Trump, neither will win. The divisions would be so damaging to the party.

But if both decide to run together, they will win in a landslide. Moreover, DeSantis is still very young.

Remember Obama? He was quite young, too, he won the presidency, and he ended up being a cataclysmic destroyer of our nation. Of course, the differences between Obama and DeSantis in terms of political profiles are very stark.

Yet, it is not DeSantis’ time.

The American people must demand a change in the leadership of the Republican Party. Vote them out. Demand term limits. Bombard their offices. Protest their weakness. Fight fire with fire. Bring a bazooka to a gunfight. Win elections.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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