#Twittergate: peeling back the layers of deception


Friday evening, the third in a series of revelatory drops about the inner workings of Twitter was released. Adding to the stunning information already out, it’s now an established fact that conservative ideology was under full assault during the 2020 election and afterwards. Most of us who were targeted knew that this was happening, but the denials of Twitter, the mainstream media, and Democrat party leadership made us appear as little more than conspiracy theorists. Now, thanks to the great risk that Elon Musk, Matt Taibbi, and Bari Weiss assumed, that moniker is gone.

As suspected and now validated, Twitter was essentially a propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Party officials made requests to block and silence everyone, from the President of the United States, down to comedians. These requests were honored without checks or balances. Tweets were labeled as false, searches were suppressed, shadow-banning — excuse me, “visibility filtering” — took place by leftist activists within the company. The Hunter Biden laptop story, which could have potentially cost Biden the election, was directly suppressed. A newspaper which reported the story was blocked entirely.

At best, these efforts were aimed at manipulating the American people. At worst, it was an attempt to corrupt the election process amounting to election fraud.

The release of new data Friday made the revelations even worse. The FBI, DHS, and the National Office of Intelligence had an active role in this censorship. These agencies provided weekly briefings on open investigations — this amounts to agents in our government, stepping in to suppress a free exchange of ideas and thoughts, censoring Americans. Non-cleared personnel at Twitter had access to criminal and other investigations which have still not been made public.

I write books focused on true crime, and I cannot get the FBI to comment on open cases; but Twitter employees were given open access to what may have been classified and sensitive information. Personally, I find this corruption frustrating. As an American, I find it appalling.

While many of us have long suspected that the Deep State had a role in attempting to smother conservative ideas and thoughts, the Twittergate releases validate that. What Elon Musk has made public is as devastating politically as the cover-up of the Watergate scandal — and we are still in the early stages of this…more information is forthcoming.

Elected officials were active participants in these acts against the First Amendment. Anyone following Twittergate has seen evidence of this from their own files on these matters. While names have not been attached to these efforts yet, many of us hope it’s only a matter of time. The fact that Democrats are demanding action against Elon Musk is nothing short of them attempting to cover-up their complicity and involvement in these activities.

Oddly enough, most Americans are unaware of this story. CBS, NBC, and ABC have not covered this story at all — zero minutes of airtime. Imagine if Woodward and Bernstein had written about Watergate, but the media had refused to run their story. That is exactly what is happening here.

Why isn’t the mainstream media covering it? Simply put, they all did exactly what Twitter did – they suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story — they discredited conservatives, and had an active role in manipulating the American people. They know that they now may be facing congressional subpoenas, that their files might be made public. Consider the data purge no doubt underway at these media companies as a result of these revelations — Hillary Clinton must not be the only one who uses BleachBit.

The complicity of the mainstream media in this fraud is criminal. Their lies by omission constitute a cover-up, if not outright obstruction. The federal employees that were involved in this need to be investigated and held accountable for what they did. Politicians who had a role in censoring other Americans need to face impeachment or criminal charges.

We have another election looming in two years. If the Republican Congress does not take decisive action, there is a genuine risk that, despite these stunning revelations (with more to come), it will all be suppressed and smothered. Without accountability now, we face another election on an unjust and imbalanced playing field. Thank you Elon Musk!

Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award winning author. He is a regular contributor to American Thinker and other conservative sites. His works include the conservative political thriller series, Blue Dawn which tells the story of the violent overthrow of the government by Progressives. His new sci-fi series, Land & Sea, launched in January with the release of Splashdown.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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