We need some Twitter Files on the early days of COVID

I am anxiously awaiting the COVID files from Twitter.  I am glad that Elon is working to catch up the rest of the country on items discussed here at American Thinker by myself and a host of others.  In the summer of 2021, I declared that this was a pandemic of the incompetent, and I think Elon's Twitter files will confirm that.  I also expect to find out that the incompetent were allowed to censor more competent voices.  The inmates were running the asylum.

But, as we await the masking and vaccine files (misinformation), I ask Elon to go back to the very earliest of days of COVID.  There was a moment when the country shut down that I wondered if this was the end of times.  For me, it was only a brief moment.  Twitter and other media engines during March and April 2020 seemed to amplify only the worst stories about COVID.  In the summer of 2020, many began calling it fear porn.  I am wondering if it was part of a coordinated scare tactic.  It seemed as if they were trying to kill all hope.  There was a constant drum beat of the number of deaths and other scary stories about COVID.  Part of that amplification in March and April seemed to include the deaths and suffering being reported in Italy.

My current questions are more about the fear amplification and scare tactics than what we have already suspected about Fauci and Twitter coordination on masks and vaccines:

1) When did the censorship of COVID conversations start?

2) Did Twitter amplify the fear porn — i.e., the negative stories about COVID?  Did anyone influence any decisions to amplify certain stories?

3) Did Twitter amplify the dire situation in Italy?  Did anyone influence the decisions to amplify this story?

4) Did Fauci or others request Twitter to minimize any messaging related to therapies, like HCQ, working in other countries?

5) Did Fauci or others request that Twitter amplify the situation in Italy, perhaps to distract from the emerging Wuhan lab leak theory that was just starting to gain initial traction?

At least by March 1, 2020, Dr. Fauci had started to receive information on the benefits of HCQ in the treatment of COVID.  Please see an email from "redacted" on February 29, 2020 to V.P. Pence that copies Fauci from any of the FOIA batches.  They outline the benefits being seen from HCQ.  I have seen other emails, and a quick search found this one.  People from around the world were informing Fauci of the success early intervention with HCQ was having with COVID.  Yet we did not hear of HCQ being offered to Italy.  In fact, we just continued to hear of the death and family destruction in Italy.  If Fauci and his ilk a year later were willing to experiment on billions of people with an unproven shot because we were in a pandemic, why did they not send HCQ to the worst COVID hot spots to try?  If people are dying in a pandemic, shouldn't we exhaust every treatment option?

What may have been worse?  The COVID misinformation that was being propagated by Twitter or the amplification of the negative stories to scare people?

These are hard questions. The new Italian premier, Giorgia Meloni, is also asking a lot of questions about the elites in Europe.  It seems apparent that Branch COVIDians will sacrifice anything or anyone on the altar of COVID for control.  I think she needs to dig into this topic. Were thousands of Italians publicly sacrificed on the COVID altar to scare the world into compliance?  And was Twitter amplifying the fear porn to force compliance with the authoritarian and unscientific dictates?  And, potentially, to distract from the Wuhan lab leak evidence that was starting to find its way out of China?

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is a patriot who can understand and explain advanced math and science, and is worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face. United we stand, divided we fall.

Image: Esther Vargas via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 (cropped).

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