Video: stranded in a ‘bone-chilling’ blizzard thanks to an electric vehicle

In September of this year when Hurricane Ian touched down, hundreds of thousands of Floridians were preemptively told to evacuate. Thomas Lifson rightly noted the fortuitousness of the following circumstances: “as of the current moment, electric vehicles constitute only about 100,000, out of nearly 8 million vehicles registered to drive on Florida’s roads.” He then posed this question: “What if they all were electric, the (impractical) dream dream [sic] of greenies?”

The answer is simple: natural disasters and electric vehicles create a “nightmare scenario” which isn’t conducive to the preservation of life and property.

With that in mind, consider this recent headline: “Tesla owner documents being stranded on Christmas Eve when car wouldn’t charge”.

Watch video of the incident below:

Domenick Nati’s debacle began in 19 degree weather (cold, but not that cold), and only ended when a gas-powered car came in and saved the day. However, his experience highlights quite a profound yet mostly unnoticed inconsistency on the left: if humans are causing climate change, and in turn that climate change manifests as natural disasters like hurricanes and snowstorms, then why force a transition to electric vehicles, where ultimately, people are put into perilous situations when a natural disaster inevitably hits?

A few days back, New York’s Kathy Hochul said of the winter storm:

Last night, I had to bring in the National Guard. The conditions, the blinding snow, the zero visibility, absolute whiteouts. It may go down as one of the worst in history…

We broke that record again a month ago, so it’s very clear to me that the effects of climate change are wreaking havoc everywhere[.]

Following the left’s own “science”, natural disasters are supposed to become increasingly prevalent — therefore, a shift to an electric fleet would be monstrously irresponsible. Put everyone in a hypersensitive electric vehicle that can’t function in extreme temperatures or harsh weather, just as the extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions ramp up?

Most days, coexisting with the left is insufferable, but times when their doublethink catches up with them and they undermine their own foolish policy initiatives, it’s almost worth the suffering watching them eviscerate their own arguments.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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