Video: ‘A day in the life of an abortion chaperone’

In a video uploaded to TikTok, social media influencer Max Zavidow documented his day as he accompanied a female friend to a local abortuary. Zavidow’s recording is set to lighthearted music, full of smiles and goofy mannerisms; he giddily opens with these words:

Hello hello, and welcome to a ‘day in the life’.

Today I’m joining a friend to get the life sucked out of her. Starting my day with a long run because she can’t be the only one down a few pounds today. This is the second time I’ve joined a friend for one of these, so I’m getting good reps in.

For breakfast I’m having scrambled eggs to celebrate the scrambling of hers.

Soon after, he records himself stepping onto the elevator on his way to meet his friend “Sam” for a quick bite to eat in a trendy Manhattan restaurant. Upon facing the camera towards the illuminated floor buttons, he quips, “Look at all those numbers, it reminds me of all the ages her child won’t see.”

While at the diner, Zavidow notes that “Sam” is “eating for two, but not for long!” As they continue on, “Sam” stops for a reflection in a business window, and mockingly caresses her protruding belly. They then arrive at a public library, where Zavidow jokes about his “favorite” — What to Expect When You’re No Longer Expecting.

Turns out, it’s a fake book jacket, with the coauthors being Terma Nashon (termination) and M. T. Woom (empty womb), and reads:

The abortion guide that reassuringly answers the questions of mother- and fathers-no-longer-to-be, from the planning stage right up until the big day itself. Featuring an in-depth look at the medical procedure, the new sense of freedom, increased financial stability—and more.

Interestingly, a fabricated book jacket on abortion of course includes easily-debunked falsehoods within the abortion movement— published just yesterday at The Atlantic was a piece titled “The Married-Mom Advantage” which found:

As tough as motherhood was during COVID, mothers were both happier and more financially secure than childless women during the pandemic.

Finally, they arrive at their destination, and enter what Zavidow calls the “slay lounge” — the waiting room. They play footsie, he hugs “Sam” and “sends her on way because duty calls.” Then, “just like that” she’s done; they skip out, bound for an ice cream parlor, and get three spoons: one for Zavidow, one for “Sam,” and one for the executed “angel baby.”

Watch the video in its entirety below:

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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