The ‘People’s CDC’ emerges and decrees mask-wearing to be ‘forever’

Authored by Emma Green and published by The New Yorker two days back, the headline and teaser of the piece read:

The Case for Wearing Masks Forever: A ragtag coalition of public-health activists believe that America’s pandemic restrictions are too lax—and they say they have the science to prove it.

As someone who absolutely refuses to wear a mask, I had to see this, because as we all know, the science doesn’t prove it. What was meant to be a thought-provoking and intellectual take, was nothing more than a parade of the disjointed and shaky philosophies of the modern leftist… and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Green begins her essay by reflecting on last December, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scaled back its unconstitutional overreach. Per Green, “Mindy Thompson Fullilove, a professor of urban policy and health at the New School, was livid.”

Of course, Green notes this: “Fullilove, who is Black, has spent her career studying epidemics” — remember, identity politics plays a key role in the leftist’s worldview. Rather than allowing Fullilove’s academic and professional merits to speak for themselves, Green goes right to skin color.

Green mentions Fullilove’s concern that the government’s handling of the virus was severely inadequate (not enough tyranny), and in an email blast to those in the medical field posed this question: “Can we have a people’s CDC and give people good advice?”

Green writes:

What emerged was the People’s C.D.C.: a ragtag coalition of academics, doctors, activists, and artists who believe that the government has left them to fend for themselves against COVID-19.

Artists? What?? Painting and drawing for the cause? (As I write this, I’m still laughing.) Now, if I had to guess, I imagine that these “academics” and “doctors” aren’t really objective, but that’s beside the point.

I’m not quite sure what lefties with an art hobby bring to the table of an endeavor that’s (allegedly) scientific in nature. According to Fullilove, “no one’s expertise is valued more than anyone else’s.” The expertise of an “artist” is not a scientific one, but it has the same weight as someone who has been to medical school when contributing to a “scientific” initiative? How does artistic creativity have as much value as a medical background when analyzing medical data? The answer? It doesn’t, but it’s the perfect manifestation of what the left believes a government is for, and what it desires to see in such a government. Government isn’t a structure to be limited in nature, existing for the sole purpose of securing the rights of the individual, rather it is a massive, amorphous diversity project subject to the fleeting whims and emotional impulses of voters on the left. 

But then, here’s where it gets even funnier:

As governments, schools, and businesses have scaled back their COVID precautions, the members of the People’s C.D.C. have made it their mission to distribute information about the pandemic—what they see as real information, as opposed to what’s circulated by the actual C.D.C. They believe the C.D.C.’s data and guidelines have been distorted by powerful forces with vested interests in keeping people at work and keeping anxieties about the pandemic down. ‘The public has a right to a sound reading of the data that’s not influenced by politics and big business,’ Fullilove said.

How dare those capitalist fat cats! There's a nefarious agenda afoot, with bad actors in the government conspiring to share false health data, all to trick people into working. I mean, Americans should have “free” healthcare, “free” education, “free” housing, “free” childcare, “paid” parental leave, etc; shoving adults towards productivity and financial independence is basically a crime against humanity. Just kidding. (I wonder if Fullilove ever denounced the conservatives for sharing “real”​ information?)

Fullilove’s Marxism is showing; and as it turns out, the People’s CDC uses the term “comrade” to address one another… imagine that.

Lastly, would you take a look at this:

What’s clear is that the People’s C.D.C. interprets evidence about this stage of the pandemic, and what we should do about it, differently than the C.D.C. and the White House. Their goal is to provide the public with an alternative source of information [emphasis added].

(Whoa whoa whoa! You can’t do that! Bucking the government narrative is criminal!)

I find that interesting, because I distinctly recall countless cultists on the left (including Anthony Fauci himself), label those who provided “alternative source[s] of information” on COVID as “science deniers” or “grandma killers” or “spreaders” of “disinformation” and “misinformation.” We saw doctors deplatformed, and America’s Frontline Doctors demonized and punished. According to The New York Times, the California legislature even passed a bill on the matter, prohibiting the spread of “misinformation” which is any information “that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.”

All in all, if you’re looking for humor, look no further than a leftist publication.

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