The merging of the Propaganda State and the police state

The Propaganda State in the USA envelops government, institutions, and the mainstream media.  What do they all have in common?  Their funding and wealth derive directly or indirectly from government.  Legislation created the broadcast industry that now allows six companies to own and control 90 percent of the media in America.   

The recent revelations of Twitter working with the FBI and other government departments and agencies to censor Americans is an extension of the Propaganda State becoming a police state.  Like mushrooms sprouting in the dark, the police state has emerged in the Unites States without the mainstream media reporting it.  The "Twitter Files" make clear that censorship flourished on Twitter to promote only authorized information from government.  A new political age has erupted with coordination by Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Government to control the flow of information and censor all contradictory information.  This coordination does not occur overnight.  It takes decades of hiring like-minded people and avoiding well qualified or better qualified people who do not share their political views.  The authoritarian state is here, and the institutions have been massaged for particular outcomes and political agendas to support the overwhelmingly dominant political force.

News from the mainstream media ignores the rampant crime in cities, social decay, corruption, and economic failure.  Government now divides people by race, often citing pervasive racism, though offering little or no evidence to support it beyond propaganda stereotyping police. 

The Propaganda State needs to constantly fabricate crimes to enhance its power.  Propaganda driven by Big Media and Big Tech is the megaphone to promote Big Government disinformation and indoctrination.  This is what the Twitter Files exposed clearly.  The FBI is used to censor Americans in the name of national security or preventing "misinformation," using methods of communist dictators Stalin and Mao.  We even have a show trial in Pelosi's sham January 6 "unselect committee."  There is a political pattern to the political show — two fake impeachments with no substance — like the "show trials" of Stalin in the former USSR.  Even the raid on President Trump's home appears fabricated, because every former president has removed millions of documents, and to believe that only President Trump violated the "National Records Act" in removing documents is folly.  

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was offered and rejected up to 20,000 National Guard troops by President Trump for January 6.  January 6 appears to have elements of entrapment because there is video of Capitol Police opening doors and waving people into the Capital Building.  Since Nancy Pelosi undoubtedly made the final decision rejecting the presence of the National Guard on January 6, she is primarily responsible for the "break-in" at the Capitol.

J6 Committee propaganda aims to blame President Trump for the debacle.  Many citizens are still under arrest for January 6 incident, held without bail.  Even juries are suspect in Washington, D.C., a bastion of Democrats, where brainwashing and allegiance to Big Government appear complete.  Under Pelosi, the Capitol Police have expanded, opening up offices around the country, spreading federal tentacles closer to the citizenry.

The arm of the Propaganda State has embraced and merged with the police state to target political opponents, including a president of the United States.  The Twitter Files lay bare a coordinated effort to silence and censor both a former president and thousands of average Americans in a web of suppression promoting propaganda, a gross violation of freedom of speech.  Former FBI agents were hired to assist Twitter in implementing widespread censorship. 

The looming police state suppresses freedom and censors in the name of security and "misinformation," using the "terms of service" of social media platforms.  The political system is paralyzed, unable or unwilling to decisively to defeat the juggernaut of tyranny descending across the nation. 

The ease and speed with which freedom of speech was dismantled — not only on social media platforms, but also in the mainstream media and the colleges — is ominous and justifies the admonition from John Adams in a letter in 1814 to John Taylor: "Remember democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

Are there the will and leadership in the nation to prevent the fall of the United States with a viable Constitution intact?

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