About those Trump tax returns...

The media have been seeking to destroy President Trump since he began running for office.  They spread the known lie about Russian collusion for years.  They lied about what he said in Charlottesville, and now they lie about his taxes.

Here's their latest ball of wax:

Trump's charitable giving dropped to $0 by the time he left office, returns show

This is fake news.

Either they don't understand the tax code and the nature of tax returns at all or they are intentionally lying.

If they don't understand taxes, they should shut up instead of spouting lies and ignorance.  

I am an accountant whose work focuses on taxes, and I can tell you that the tax code allows losses to be deducted, which is what has allowed Jeff Bezos's Amazon to pay zero in taxes, as well as many other players.  Don't like it?  Rewrite the tax code.

The losses many times are generated by depreciation because businesses often buy depreciable stuff.

Thank goodness businesses buy depreciable things, because that allows other businesses to thrive and jobs to be created as they make and sell new things.

When they buy these things, they pay massive amounts of sales taxes.  Of course, government entities do not pay sales taxes because they are special. 

When a personal tax return shows an adjusted gross income less than zero, there are no itemized deductions.  Therefore, no charitable deductions are shown. 

The media know that Trump donated his presidential salary every year, so why would they put out headlines that show he donated zero in 2020?

The answer is that the truth hasn't mattered for a long time — only power for leftists, and the intent is to destroy Trump in the minds of the public.  It is an intentional effort to interfere in elections. 

Meanwhile, the media continue to show zero interest in Biden's massive corruption, nor in the corruption of swamp creatures throughout the government who collude with the media to interfere in elections. 

Why is there no interest in examining the Biden family taxes to see where, or if, the kickbacks were reported? 

The media show a great deal of concern about GOP congressman-elect George Santos lying on his résumé, but his lying is dwarfed by what is printed by most journalists every day. 

The probable reason Trump wanted his taxes to remain private is because he knew how dishonest the media and other Democrats are. 

Their record speaks for itself.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay license.

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