The left's spam abuse

Donald Trump's campaign does a prodigious amount of advertising by e-mail.  I have observed that since Trump announced his candidacy for 2024, about 80% of his e-mails ads are now considered spam by Xfinity, my e-mail provider.

Over the two-week period from 11/19 to 12/2, I received 150 Trump e-mails.  One hundred eighteen were labeled spam, and 32 were allowed through as legitimate.  That's 79% spam.  During the long run up to the midterms, there was a large and steady flow of Trump campaign e-mails, and while I didn't keep statistics, few if any were labeled spam. 

The Trump campaign e-mails are over-the-top excessive — but that's Trump, over-the top excessive.  The Trump campaign e-mails are over-the-top bombastic — but that's Trump, over-the-top bombastic.  Over-the-top excessive and bombastic notwithstanding, Trump brought us new levels of prosperity, energy independence, improved safety and security, and a respected foreign policy.

Pres. Trump is a former U.S. president, and that demands respect.  Trump is a current candidate for U.S. president, and that demands respect.  A commercial entity whose mission is the collection and distribution of emails should give him that respect.  It should not label emails as spam, which implies illegitimacy, just because it dislikes the person or the person's message.  This is similar to the egregious actions currently being disclosed by Twitter.

I'm a political junkie and apparently a deplorable mega-MAGA semi-fascist.  I believe in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  It's my opinion that the country is circling the bowl on its way to becoming Venezuela — equity of outcome, where everybody is destitute.

The left, aided and abetted by Big Tech, as discussed above, concocted a scurrilous defamation of character campaign against President Trump, and it has been very successful.  I fear that his appeal to the broad spectrum of voters has been cruelly damaged.  I will vote for Donald Trump should he be nominated, but I sincerely hope that he will reconsider and get behind someone who is not encumbered with so much baggage.

Mike Johnson, a small government conservative, lives in traumatically woke Massachusetts.  He's the author of the e-book John Kerry & PCF-44.  E-mail

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