Someone must stop this border insanity

Disgusted and angry to one's very core.
That's what all American patriots should be who see the all out invasion of America by millions of illegal aliens, as hundreds of thousands and many millions more are making the journey to our southern border right now.
It seems as though Americans are so passive, on the whole, that they simply sit back, unwilling to raise a furor or gather en masse along the border to stop this incredible mounting catastrophe for all America, for surely they can see the lie behind the Biden regime's assurances via Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that the border is secure. Thousands more illegal aliens from all over the world have been massing in line at the El Paso port of entry alone, since last Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022, and yet, there is still little or next to no reaction from the general public.
At least the people of Croatia and Hungary had the backbones to gather along their borders to erect barriers and push back on illegal Muslim immigrants who were fleeing the Middle East in 2015. And they were only getting a fraction of migrants that America is receiving today.
Pass one law. Pass a hundred laws for the purpose of stopping illegal immigration and securing the border. It won't mean a damned thing, since the Democrat party and a lawless Biden regime are already willfully breaking existing, perfectly good U.S. immigration law -- good when it has actually been followed in the past -- in order to purposefully undermine America and create a society that rejects America's founding principles in favor of a socialist authoritarian government. 
Although the Biden regime has touted some two million encounters of stopped and returned illegal aliens under Title 42 and Title 8, the reality is that this regime has simply paid it lip-service and refused to follow even these legal paths properly, with over two million entering America each year that Biden's people have been in control -- 2.76 million in fiscal year 2022 --  along with more than one million "got aways" entering over this period -- closer to five million by other estimates. From the earliest days of his administration, Biden has fought to end Title 42. 
Just what are traditional freedom-loving Americans to do, when those elected officials charged with defending and protecting America refuse to do their duty? They're witnessing it now, from the highest office in the land on down to lesser offices, as seen in the case of Arizona's Cochise County Sheriff and Governor-elect Katie Hobbs, who both intend to tear down the double stacked container "wall" that outgoing Governor Doug Ducey erected along Arizona's southern border, contending it's "federal land" and dismissing the fact that under the Constitution, all states have the right to defend themselves against an invasion.
What are normal America-loving people to do when they see activist far-left judges supporting and legitimizing the many illegalities surrounding Biden's Open Borders Policy by way of flagrant, outlandish, arbitrary and erroneous rulings that actually break U.S. law?
When Title 42 ends on December 21, this problem will become even more massive and catastrophic for America, with immigrant shelters already running at full capacity and local and state budgets straining to carry the added cost of feeding, clothing and sheltering these people, and, in too many instances, transporting them into the interior of America. And exacerbating the problem to an exponentially higher degree, the Mexican authorities have recently been assisting the illegal aliens in their journey to the border, by, in one case, escorting twenty busloads of illegal aliens into Ciudad Juarez on Mexico's northern border, which is directly across from El Paso.
Let's not forget that scores of non-government organizations on both sides of the border are now known to be facilitating the movement of these hordes of illegal aliens from start to finish, as illegals from Afghanistan, Ukraine, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many other nations are finding their way into America without any passport or right to be here. Agencies like Catholic Charities, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, International Rescue Committee, Casa Alitas, Mission Border Hope and many others are all acting in tandem and in one massive movement to create this humanitarian crisis on America's southern border, and then they step back to point their fingers at America, as if to say we cannot refuse to accept any of them.
Rapes. Murders. Child-trafficking. Billions of dollars of fentanyl and methamphetamine ... The stats on the worst products of the human condition coming in are damning enough to warrant tough action on border security.
The Border Patrol are in a Catch-22 situation, where they must choose between following the Constitution and actual immigration law or following arbitrary policy directives following an agenda meant to destroy the republic. It would seem to be a no-brainer for any patriot, but too many feel they have too much invested in the job to risk being suspended or fired,  if they actually do their jobs, and detain illegal aliens for judicial review or prosecution and deportation. Perhaps a few million armed patriots appearing along the border areas might give them enough moral support to actually refuse the Biden regime's orders.
Our system isn't broken. It's been torn down and torn apart with malice and intent aimed at overloading all respective state's systems and forcing a unified cry out for federal relief, to which the Democrats will throw trillions of taxpayer dollars and further overload the entire nation, in hopes it will create a demand for an even bigger federal government with their cronies at the helm.
Biden was actually in Phoenix, Arizona on December 6 to deliver a speech at a semiconductor plant. But he couldn't be bothered to go and assess the mess of humanity struggling to force its way across the southern border, and when asked about it, arrogantly as ever, he stated: "Because there are more important things going on."
One should note that there's nothing more important than defending and protecting the national sovereignty of America and all of our borders. There's nothing more important than defending the common language and culture of one's nation, and the founding principles. Unless one is an anti-American or someone cut from the same flawed, unclean cloth as Joe Biden, this is obvious.
If some of the turncoat Republicans, e.g., Tom Tillis and Susan Collins, have their way, we'll see some 30 to 40 million illegal aliens in America eventually granted amnesty, further changing the face of America and our culture forever, while playing into the hands of the Democrats who no longer hold any love for America. 
Someone must stop this border insanity, sooner than later. If the American people cannot seat people in elected office with a will and a mind to do so, it just really might fall to those American patriots left with strong enough minds and hearts to go to the border themselves to stop this human wave in the not-too-distant future.
We either garner the will in earnest to secure our borders and deport all illegal aliens, or we will lose our country. If it's the latter, we will see the end of America.
Image: Screen shot from Fox News video, via Rumble
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