Must-see video: Tucker Carlson takes on the Zelensky money grab

Last night, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky showed up in Congress to demand money.  As one, the entire body of American politicians swooned before the man.  One person who did not swoon was Fox pundit Tucker Carlson, who pointed out some uncomfortable truths and asked the all-important question about our politicians joyously pushing us toward a hot war with a nuclear Russia.  Who benefits?

Russia may be nuclear, and it may have a nasty, cruel man at its head, but it's important to note that Russia, despite its natural resources, is a nothing of a country.  Unlike the former Soviet Union, which had tentacles, satellites, colonies, and interests around the globe, not to mention all sorts of unwilling neighboring countries swept into its net to make up that Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Russia is a smaller country with no serious interests abroad.

Yes, Putin meddles in Syria and Turkey, but he's no Xi Jinping.  Other than natural gas, which Europe needs, Russia has not co-opted all of America's manufacturing, from our clothes to our appliances to our medicines.  Mostly, Russia does not affect us.

Indeed, there's only one reason Russia is perceived as a threat, and that's because leftists have come to believe their own Russia hoax accusation that Putin put Trump in the White House.  He didn't, but, because Democrats and NeverTrumps (i.e., the Republican establishment that hates Trump as much as the Democrats do) believe that, Putin must be destroyed.

Image: Zelensky shakes down the American people.  YouTube screen grab.

What none of these fanatics has thought through is what happens if they are able to get rid of Putin.  Who comes next?  Xi?  A megalomaniac with dreams that go beyond Russia's current borders?  Biden, who needs help putting on his pants in the morning so that the zipper faces forward, has no answers.

The insistence that Ukraine is a beleaguered democracy is nonsense, too.  Ukraine is and has long been an utterly corrupt country to which Western politicians go to launder taxpayer money.  Biden did it through his son Hunter, and the Democrats and RINOs have done it using FTX as a go-between.  Zelensky is happy to oblige.  Tucker also points out that Zelensky rules as an autocrat, banning disfavored religions and imprisoning political opponents (which kind of explains why the Democrats like him).

I probably should stop here and say that none of what I say applies to those Ukrainian people who are not Nazis.  What's happening to them is a nightmare, and they have my deepest sympathy.  Being the pawn of powers over which you have no control, as Americans are discovering, is a living nightmare.  The Ukrainian people should also despise Biden, who, by insisting for no reason whatsoever that Ukraine join NATO, triggered Putin's paranoia, creating the war in the first place.

As for the Nazi part, I can never erase from my mind the fact that, during WWII, even the Germans had no stomach for the Ukrainians' cruelty toward their Jews.  I know that generation is dead, but old sins have long memories in those ancient lands.  Moreover, you don't have to go back to the 1940s to find Nazis in Ukraine.  The Azov brigades, which we're funding, are pure Nazi.  I'm not a fan.

Anyway, my point was to say that Tucker's analysis is right on the money in terms of explaining that Ukraine has no strategic benefit to America and is not the valiant little democracy we think it is, and that our involvement there puts us at great risk:

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