Justice Clarence Thomas caught quietly honoring our Arlington heroes

Reading the headline brought tears to my eyes — “Justice Thomas Spotted Quietly Working At Arlington National Cemetery - Turns Out He’s Been Doing This for Years”. According to Jared Miller at The Western Journal, D.C.-based journalist Emily Miller caught Thomas in action, engaged in the grunt work for the annual Wreaths Across America project — see below:

Our modern experience finds us unfamiliar with “civil servants” condescending to the level of an average American, accustomed to typical demands of fanfare by our political elites when they momentarily parade their virtue-signaling behavior, and distanced from a cultural ethos that honors those who laid down their lives for something greater than themselves.

Yet, as the evidence would show, Thomas is the antithesis to the contemporary self-servers in government — he is the embodiment of the sacred duty of what it means to be an American.

He is not haughty, he is self-sacrificing; he is not a virtue-signaler, he is virtuous; he does not dishonor our fallen, he is a patriot.

Per Miller:

This isn’t the first year Thomas has volunteered at Arlington Cemetery, either.

The justice can be seen in a candid photo from 2013 helping to clean up the cemetery after the Christmas season on a rainy January day.

The un-self-concious nature of the photo stands in stark contrast to the contrived photo-ops that Democratic politicians conjure up for their own selfish ambitions and narratives.

Miller then recalls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s staged picture outside the detention facility for illegal aliens, but the list would be seemingly endless: Nancy Piglosi and the other Democrats on their knees for nine minutes in the Capitol building, all while donning the kente cloths of the African slave traders; Ocasio-Cortez, again, sharing her arrest at a pro-abortion protest where she wasn’t even actually handcuffed….

Especially in a time where monuments are torn down and the resting places of our dead are desecrated, there’s something so profoundly beautiful about watching Americans labor alongside one another in remembrance of our fallen countrymen.

Image: Arlington National Cemetery, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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